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3 Free
Companies are going 3 Free or 5 Free by removing even toxic chemicals from cosmetics, including nail polishes.

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, and formaldehyde, are three chemicals known as the “toxic trio” often found in nail polish. Include formaldehyde resin (tosylamide/TSFR) and camphor and you’ve got five toxic ingredients, all commonly used to reduce cracking and improve flexibility.

Many companies are now going one step further than 3 Free or 5 Free by removing even more toxic chemicals making them 7 Free or even 9 Free, removing ethyl tosylamide and xylene, and more.

Created in the 1920’s in France using a formula similar to the glossy enamel used on cars, nail polish has evolved over the years, though most still contain potentially dangerous chemicals. Until now, when most companies are beginning to go 3 Free, 5 Free, or 7 Free.

Companies who are choosing to go 3, 5, or 7 Free are voluntarily making the decision to exclude toxic chemicals from their formulas, as the FDA has no real authority over personal care products or the chemicals used to make them. Which means chemicals included in the products to not have to be tested and proven safe for human use. This new trend, 3 Free, 5 Free, 7 Free is one step toward helping lessen the exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

Need a laboratory to test your beauty or personal care product for safety, chemicals, or toxicity? We can help! The following are requests Contract Laboratory has received and helped facilitate:

  • Cosmetics Laboratory needed for testing to ensure nail polish is vegan and to determine if it is 5/7/8/9/ or 10 free. of non-toxic substances.
  • Large pharmaceutical corporation needs consumer products / pharmaceutical clinical research laboratory for comparison and bench marking study of a nail polish containing a pharmaceutical agent for adhesion and wear testing.
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for chemical composition of nail polish for MSDS verification.
  • Consumer Products Cosmetics Laboratory needed for reformulation of water-based nail polish for kids.
  • Cosmetics laboratory needed for development of nail polish with small embedded designs . Should be clear polish so designs are visible.
  • China cosmetic product safety laboratory needed for USP Testing of cosmetics for the following Tests- Product – USP 51 – Stability test – Toxicological assessment We are looking at Lip gloss- (8 colours) Nail ( 8 colours) Eye Shadow (12 colours )nail polish 8 colours .lip gloss in watch. 2. Tests- on componentry- Relevant EN 71 to that article such as a tiara, nail file, toy watch, eye shadow applicator, mirror, eyeshadow compact, lipgloss tube, nail bottle, cap and brush of nail polish bottle. Please can you confirm 1. that your facility offers these tests 2. The costs of these tests. Please quote in US $. 3. Our factory is based in Jinhua City, Zhejiang, China. 4. The timing of these tests ( soonest)
  • Nail polish manufacturer needs laboratory for nail polish testing: microbiology test, heavy metal test and so on. Company requires help with sampling.
  • Cosmetics laboratory needs laboratory for Halal certification testing for 14 of different nail polishes so they can be sold in the Middle East.
  • Cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for analyses of a nail polish including deformulation, content and concentration.
  • Company needs Materials laboratory nfor Deformulation testing of a nail polish to identify Type pf polymer used to form a layer on the nail.

View more requests: https://www.contractlaboratory.com/outsourcing/laboratory-requests.cfm?industry=cosmetics&ind=12

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