Contract Laboratory Advertising

Contract Laboratory Advertising

TEST! e-magazine Advertising Benefits

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  •  Expand domestic or international markets
  •  Increase sales with new accounts
  •  Increase traffic to website
  •  Target specific market sectors
  •  Increase brand or product recognition
  •  Reach new audiences for an event or special promotion

TEST! e-magazine Advertising Opportunity

Laboratory Suppliers or Service Providers can post banners on the any of our TEST! e-magazine articles or can write theirown.

Other Customized Marketing and Advertising Opportunities

Want more from your advertising on Contract Laboratory? In addition to banners on TEST! e-magazine, Contract Laboratory can customize packages for advertising or marketing on our Contract Laboratory website

So, tell us your advertising and marketing goals! Contract Laboratory understands the laboratory market and will design a plan to help you met them. We have a wide range of advertising and marketing opportunities available for laboratory suppliers and service providers including banner advertising, directory profiles, content development, press release distribution, social media, specialize media development, article and content development and newsletter placements.

Call us at 1-855-377-6821  or send us email to discuss your advertising needs.