Anti-Viral Testing and Research: What is it?

Need anti-viral testing and research?

anti-viral testing, US Center for Disease Control CDC TEM photo of Chikungunya virus
US Center for Disease Control CDC TEM photo of Chikungunya virus


Contract Laboratory receives many requests for anti-viral testing. Today, we received a request from a University Medical researcher needing a laboratory for conducting In-Vitro testing of a polyherbal formulation against H1N1 and chikungunya virus. While H1N1 is familiar to most people as the Influenza Virus, Chikungunya is less known. Chikungunya is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes and causes  headache, muscle pain, joint swelling, or rash.  Unlike the Influenza Virus, there is no known vaccine.

According to the US Center for Disease Control (US CDC) website, chikungunya can be diagnosed in a laboratory by serum or plasma testing for the Chikungunya virus, viral nucleic acid, or virus-specific immunoglobulin (Ig) M and neutralizing antibodies through anti-viral testing.  Laboratories may also test patients by viral culture within the first  3 days of illness.  Within the first 8 days of illness, Chikungunya’s viral RNA can be identified in serum. Antibodies may also be seen towards the end of the first week. All laboratory testing for the Chikungunya virus should be done in BSL 3 biosafety level laboratories.

In addition to helping this medical university researcher with outsourcing its anti-viral testing, Contract Laboratory, Inc. has helped many researchers with anti-viral testing of products including the following:

  • Preclinical laboratory needed for preclinical testing: in vitro testing for anti HBV and HCV property One sample with potential anti viral property of a compound to be tested against HBV and HCV
  • Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for Anti viral activity testing of Peg.Interferon
  • Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for anti viral effect of a given drug on hepatitis C virus replication in an in vitro assay such as replicon or any other In-Vitro assay
  • United States Biotechnology contract research organization needed for hemaglutination inhibition antibody testing against the current human vaccine strain viruses. Estimate 30 serum samples to be tested against 3 different influenza virus strains.
  • Virology Laboratory needed for R&D anti-viral activity testing against HPV (human papilloma virus) and herpes virus
  • US Microbiology Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of photocatalytic device for the Elimination, nutralization of H1N1 Virus
  • Microbiology Laboratory needed for aerosol disinfectant testing for viral and bacteria efficacy testing of the disinfectants in different environments and household surfaces product in spray which we would like to claim “kills viruses, fungi and bacteria.” In the case of fungi and bacteria

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