Large Baked Goods Food Contamination Recall Shows Importance of Third-Party Food Testing

Hamburger and Hotdog Bun Recall
Hamburger and Hotdog Bun Recall


Just after the Fourth of July on July 9, 2019, the large baked goods manufacturer and food co-packer, Flowers Food announced a large food recall of it’s Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns due to Choking Hazard from contamination by plastics pieces. These hamburger and hotdog buns were manufactured by Flower Foods and packaged and labeled for many other large companies such as Sunbeam Publix Supermarkets, Wonder, 7-Eleven

As Georgia based Flower Foods is one of the nations largest manufacturer of bakery and baked goods, this recall for plastics contamination shows the importance for companies that use co-packers, re-label or use contract manufacturers to check the quality and safety of their products prior to distribution with their names on it. As they are ultimately responsible for the products, it is imperative that they have controls and processes in place to ensure it’s quality and safety. One way to check the quality and safety  is to have independent quality control testing by third-party food contract laboratories to confirm the quality,  safety and freedom from contamination  of their food products.

CONTRACT LABORATORY FOOD LABORATORY REQUESTS FOR FOOD CONTAMINATION frequently helps food importers, distributors, restaurants and retailers with outsourcing their food testing including the testing for food contamination by plastics, manufacturing materials (such as greases and cleaning products) or microbes.  Below are some examples of Food Laboratory Requests that we have received from companies needing independent food laboratories for third-party testing to ensure the quality, safety and freedom from contamination:

  • Food Laboratory needed for quality testing for imported tea.
  • Food Laboratory needed for beverage colorant testing


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If you are a food manufacturer that uses co-packer or contract manufacturer and need an independent laboratory for baked goods or food manufacturing or packaging, call us at 1-855-377-6821 or Submit Food Test Request

Read the full US Food and Drug Administration’s News Press Release on Flowers Foods Hamburger and Hot Dog Bun Recall

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