Biodiesel and Biofuel Testing and Analysis

Today, we received a request from a company needing a laboratory for biofuel testing. The company needed a laboratory for biodiesel testing for cetane number, water content, calorific value, exhaust emission test, and break thermal efficiency.

Biofuels are fuels that are derived from biological materials, such as plants and animals.  Contract Laboratory, Inc. has helped many companies, governments and universities in outsourcing their Biofuel and Biodiesel Testing. Examples are below:

  • Laboratory needed for IEEE biofuel and biogas testing. Systematic experimental investigations are planned to study the thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, brake power and mechanical efficiency for 4-stroke C I engine for different loads and speeds.
  • East Coast USA needed for ASTM biofuel testing on a biofuel (non-ester renewable diesel/fuel oil) product. The specific tests we need are: Moisture and Volatile Matter (AOCS ca 2d-25), Ash Content (ASTM D482), Sulfur by ICP-OES (ASTM D5185).
  • University Researcher analytical chemistry laboratory needs Dubai for biofuel testing: 9 samples for Hydroxyl Value tests 5 Samples for Glycerin tests Please let me know the price of each test and the least amount of each sample
  • Energy laboratory needed biofuel testing of biofuel Producing Butanol from grape pomace
  • Biofuel company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for Jatropha Seed Testing for Phorbol ester in India
  • USA chemistry laboratory needed for biofuel and biodiesel testing: Hydrogen analysis down to ppm level
  • India Petroleum Laboratory needed for Biofuel and biodiesel Testing biofuel sample for its Free and Total Glycerin ASTM D6584 or EN 14105/6.

If your company needs a Laboratory for Biofuel Testing, please SUBMIT LABORATORY TEST REQUEST

If you have any questions on biofuel testing, please call us toll-free 24/7 at 1-855-377-6821


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