Commonly Used Genetic Markers

Genetic markers have known locations on chromosomes and are used to identify species.

A genetic marker is a gene whose location on a chromosome is known and can be used to identify a species. Genetic markers are divided into two groups, biochemical markers that can detect variations in proteins and amino acids, and molecular markers that detect DNA variations. Some of the most commonly used genetic markers are:

  • RFLP (or Restriction fragment length polymorphism) – a technique using restriction enzymes to cut DNA strands at different lengths
  • SSLP (or Simple sequence length polymorphism) – difference in DNA sequences between individuals. The varying lengths are often used to  understand variations between two members of the same species
  • AFLP (or Amplified fragment length polymorphism) -a technique using restriction enzymes to digest DNA fragments that than creates a unique DNA fingerprint than can be compared
  • RAPD (or Random amplification of polymorphic DNA) – randomly amplifies segments of DNA creating a semi-unique profile
  • VNTR (or Variable number tandem repeat) – a specific genome location where a sequence of nucleotides is organized as a tandem repeat

Some of the test requests Contract Laboratory has received for genetic markers include:

  • Genetics laboratory needed to fulfill 21 genetic marker Paternity Tests, from saliva samples
  • Agriculture Genetics Laboratory needed for Genetics Molecular Marker Research Study on root-forming legume from the genus Pachyrhizus to investigate the genetic diversity existing in some available accessions in sight to further breeding programs using molecular markers.
  • Biological biocide manufacturer needs microbioogy and genetics laboratory for biocide testing.
  • DNA Fingerprinting by AFLP true to type match for tissue culture plants by AFLP technique.
  • India Genetics laboratory needed for RAPD analysis, polymorphism testing on rmulberry leaves are the samples to findout RAPD analysis tor polymorphism in different samples
  • view all our test requests here

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