Cosmetics Formulation Testing

Cosmetics formulation testing includes everything from production to sourcing materials and smart packaging and labeling.

Contract Laboratory receives many requests from manufacturers of cosmetics, hair care, skincare, nail care and other personal care products  for the formulation and development of new products. Cosmetics formulation testing requires formulation chemists and other laboratory personnel who are experienced in research and development. Research and Development  services includes everything from production to raw materials sourcing and smart packaging and labeling.

Cosmetic formulation testing uses new ingredients and technologies to create a product to the clients specifications. Product formulation testing isa lso done for all-natural products, or reformulation testing for companies looking to change their existing formulas.

Cosmetics laboratories use innovative techniques to test hair care, creams and gels, soaps and body washes, sunscreens, makeup, and lotion.

Contract Laboratory has helped facilitate the following cosmetics tests:

  • Canada cosmetics laboratory needed for formulation testing that can create a variety of bio- cosmetics products from cream to shampoo.
  • Cosmetics analytical chemistry laboratory needed for deformulation analysis of cosmetics formulation of a cosmetic cream or gel
  • UK toxicology laboratory needed for safety assessments of new Organic Skincare cosmetics formulations
  • Clinical Research Laboratory needed for cosmetics safety assessment of several skincare products.
  • LONG-TERM TESTING Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for talc testing of cosmetics
  • Product Safety laboratory needed for ocular irritation testing for 3 cosmetics products
  • and many more cosmetic formulation test requests

If you are developing a cosmetics, skincare, hair care or nail care product and need testing of technologies used in cosmetics like aerosol, nanotechnology, and powder mixing, or other cosmetic formulation testing, call us at 1-855-377-6821 or submit a cosmetic test request online!

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