Cosmetics Microbiology Testing

Cosmetics Microbiology Testing
Cosmetics Microbiology Testing

From glittery eye shadow, to SPF anti-aging skincare face creams, to water-proof eyelash mascara and glossy long-lasting lipsticks, cosmetics microbiology testing is important. Cosmetics come into contact with the human body and need to be safe from microorganisms which might have an adverse effect and cause harm to humans.  The daily use of cosmetics after contact with the skin, eyes and hair might transfer bacteria and other microorganisms back to the cosmetics where the darkness and ingredients in the cosmetics may offer a perfect breeding ground for microbial growth.

Cosmetics Microbiology Testing is important to ensure the product safety and compliance of cosmetics. Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the safety of cosmetics for consumer use such as the absence of harmful microorganisms which can be harmful bacteria or other disease causing organisms.  Cosmetics do not have to be sterile, but they must have a preservative system strong enough to take care of harmful microbial contamination. Cosmetic microbiology testing, preservative efficacy testing, shelf life testing and general microbial identification must be performed for a cosmetic to enter the market.

Manufacturers must conduct microbiology testing to ensure they’re safe to use when stored according to directions on product labeling. The presence of microorganisms can cause spoilage or even chemical changes that can be potentially harmful.

Some ways that cosmetics products maybe contaminated include:

  • being made using contaminated ingredients
  • made under poor manufacturing conditions
  • using ingredients that encourage the growth of microorganisms
  • incorrect packaging
  • poor shipping and/or storage conditions

Some microorganisms which can cause problems include: pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria in eye products such as cream, shadow, and liner.


Contract Laboratory has received the following laboratory test requests from companies needing Cosmetics Microbiology Testing

Cosmetics can be easily contaminated making cosmetics microbiology testing important
  • Microbiology laboratory needed for antimicrobial testing for P.acne
  • Natural skin care products company needs cosmetics laboratory for accelerated stability testing on serum and cream.
  • UK cosmetics laboratory needed for full quality control testing and analyses needed for the soap industry including all raw materials
  • Natural and organic skin care products (scrubs, oils) company needs laboratory for microbiological testing and safety assessment testing
  • Small business needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for Preservative Efficacy testing
  • Microbiology laboratory needed for preservative testing, microbiology testing, and toxicity testing for essential oil samples

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