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Shelf life stability testing determines expiration dates and other product claims.

Food Shelf Life Stability testing is a very important and very big part of today’s food industry. Shelf life testing helps determine expiration dates and other product claims.

Products having a shelf life of two years or more do not need to display a “best before” date. All products with a shelf life of less than two years must display this date.

The length of “use by” time on foods is determined through storage trials. These help estimate physical, chemical, and microbiological stability of the food. Additionally, some foods require more study and testing to determine microbial growth or other studies. Changes to a product after “best by” date include: rancidity, change in texture, moisture loss, flavor loss, spoilage, and more.

Testing is required on all types of foods including: frozen food, dietary supplements, produce, dairy, juice, and pet food & animal feed. Stability Studies use stability chambers to test products by keeping them at specific temperatures and humidity levels throughout the study.


Contract Laboratory has helped facilitate many food stability studies, such as:
  • Food Laboratory needed for chili oil testing: nutritional labeling and shelf life studies.
  • Laboratory needed for dairy kefir beverage testing (2 separate products/formulations): shelf life testing and nutrition analysis.
  • Food testing laboratory needed for shelf life testing of cookie products with two container options (dark foil bag & clear container), three storage conditions (cool & dark, Frozen)
  • Beverage laboratory needed for deformulation, nutritional labeling, and shelf life stability testing of a a beverage.
  • and many more food test requests!

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