Infant Formula Testing: New ISO METHOD

Need infant formula testing?

Infant formula is a highly regulated industry and ISO has released a new test method for vitamin and micronutrient testing of baby formula. These analytical methods were developed in cooperation with the AOAC INTERNATIONAL, ISO and the

Baby Infant Formula Testing and Analysis
Baby Infant Formula Testing and Analysis

International Dairy Federation (IDF). Eight methods are first being released for vitamins A and E, vitamin B12, inositol, iodine, fatty acid profile, nucleotides, pantothenic acid, and ultra-trace minerals (i.e. chromium, molybdenum, selenium).

Contract Laboratory has helped many formula manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and purchasers with the outsourcing of their testing and analysis.  Some examples are below:

  • USA Food Laboratory needed for nutritional analysis of  formula imported from Vietnam nutrient lab test for infant formula
  • Tokyo, Japan Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for on site Radioactive testing on containers of formula at the port of Tokyo, Japan
  • US Laboratory to test for Nitrosamines in formula powder.

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