Metallurgical Testing

metal for metallurgical testing
Metallurgical testing is performed on metallic materials to study their physical and chemical properties and behaviors.

Metallurgical testing is a type of testing performed on metallic materials to study their physical and chemical properties and behaviors. This testing of metals is done to determine: flaws, either internally or on the surface, what a material is made of, failure analysis, hardness, structural issues or features, if it meets required specifications, and more. The durability of the material is also tested by checking the microstructure.

Generally, the process for metallurgical testing begins with preparing a sample to be tested. Sample preparation includes precision cutting, mounting, grinding and/or polishing, and etching. The sample is then magnified using a scanning electron microscope to allow researchers to study the materials and analyze grain size, thickness, corrosion, oxidation, and more.

Contract Laboratory has helped numerous companies and organizations fins laboratories for their metallurgical testing needs, such as the following:

  • Metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM testing of copper clad steel wire to two ASTM Standards including: ASTM B227, Standard Specification for Hard-Drawn Copper-Clad Steel Wire ASTM 228, Standard Specification for Steel Wire, Music Spring Quality which includes tension, torsion and wrap
  • Metallurgical laboratory needed for ISO maximum bubble test on sintered metal, as per ISO 4003, Permeable sintered metal materials — Determination of bubble test pore size
  • ISO 17025
  • metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM testing of copper tubes (diameter 8mm) to ASTM B577: 2016 – Standard Test Methods for Detection of Cuprous Oxide (Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility) in Copper – Method A (or in according to standard ISO 2626: 1973 – Copper – Hydrogen embrittlement test) on some samples of copper tubes (diameter 8 mm).
  • Metallurgical laboratory needed for nickel release testing from a piece of silver plated metal to EN 1811:2011+A1 EU ? Amendment to Nickel Release . The metal is used as one component of a piece of jewelry.
  • Engineering company needs metallurgical laboratory for corrosion investigation of rotating bottle apparatus.
  • Metallurgical materials laboratory needed to quantify surface roughness of thin metallic strips (interferometry, atomic-force microscopy AFM, etc.)
  • plus many more that can be seen here!

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