NASM Aerospace Fastener Laboratory Testing

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Today, Contract Laboratory received a new request from a Fastener company needing a laboratory for  NASM Testing of their fasteners to sell their fasteners in the aerospace industries.  NASM are the National Aerospace Standards (Metric). Our requestor needs the testing according to NASM 1312-8 Aeronautical Fasteners Test Methods – Tensile Strength Equipment and NASM 1312-13, Fastener Test Methods for Double Shear Tests View Full RFP / RFQ Details.

In the past we have helped facilitate test requests like:

  • Acceleration Testing
  • Combined Altitude and Temperature Testing
  • Fire Resistance Testing
  • Lightning-multiple burst testing
  • Vibration Testing Acoustic
NASM Aerospace, Aviation and Aeronautical Testing
NASM Aerospace, Aviation and Aeronautical Testing

Other Aviation or Aeronautical Laboratory Test Requests from companies and universities needing laboratories for Scientific Research and Development Projects.

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