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new service
Contract Laboratory is now helping to facilitate business requests, service requests, and product requests! Submit yours today!

Contract Laboratory has helped find laboratories for more than 80,000 test requests received from fortune 500 companies, organizations, manufacturers, government entities, and private companies. Traditionally, Contract Laboratory has accepted these requests from industries like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer products, oil and petroleum, electronics, power and energy, biotechnology, and more.

As we have successfully helped our clients find laboratories for their test requests, we have seen a need for facilitating other types of requests as well and we are happy to announce that we are now offering a new service, accepting and working with business requests, service requests, and product requests!

Service requests come from government agencies, businesses, and other laboratories in need of maintenance, outsourcing, or other services.

Business requests are received from companies as small as start-ups and as large as multinational fortune 500 corporations. These requests include people looking to buy laboratories, buy laboratory equipment, or companies just looking to expand.

Product requests come from international organizations, universities, and other companies who are looking to purchase laboratory testing products and supplies on a short or long-term basis.

In addition to providing this new service, we are also updating our dashboard to make communication between requestors, laboratories, and businesses faster and easier! The new dashboard will also provide users with many more tools for requestors, laboratories, and suppliers!

If your company, organization, or business is in need of help with any of these areas, we encourage you to submit either a service, product, or business request by calling 1-855-377-6821, or on our website! Or, view our current business, product, and service requests!


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