Introducing News Column “Laboratory Outsourcing Commentary”

Everyday Contract Laboratory .com receives a wide variety of Laboratory Requests from companies needing to Laboratory Newscaster Anchor for Lab Requests Summaries and Commentaryoutsource laboratories for their lab testing and scientific research projects. Many of these Laboratory Requests are in different industries and require highly specialized equipment, scientists or services.

As with any field of science, there is  a multitude lot of terms, acronyms and abbreviations associated with our Laboratory Requests or just plain terms that many people do not understand. These are further compounded by all the codes, numbers, and initials used for standards, methodologies, certifications, and licenses.  So, we thought we would help by explaining terms, acronyms and abbreviations in a fun and informative manner to provide insight into the world of laboratories and to help educate people in the sciences and technology spaces.

Incoming Laboratory Requests
Incoming Laboratory Requests from companies needing Laboratories


So our new TEST! laboratory outsourcing e-magazine column “Laboratory Outsourcing  Commentary ” will be looking at our Incoming Laboratory Requests and not only providing summaries of them, but we will be commentary on them – explaining and identifying the terms, acronyms, abbreviations, standards and methodologies used in them. And we’ll try to explain why it’s important or relevant to the products that you may use or manufacture.

Our summaries will not only be daily, but we will also be looking at weekly, monthly and yearly trends! So, make sure you check our e-magazine TEST! periodically or sign-up for our daily e-newsletter to get our new updates, posts and articles.

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