Pharmaceutical Drug Development facilitated by new software

Pharmaceutical Drug Development is an extremely long and very costly process. However, pharmaceutical drug development  made faster through new software known at AptaTRACE.  AptaTRAC was developed by scientific researchers led by Dr. Teresa Przytycka of the US National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

AptaTRACE helps identify molecules that bind with high precision to targets or aptamers. Aptamers are  DNA or RNA molecules that  binding with high affinity and specificity to  biological targets such as small organic molecules, proteins or protein complexes, virus surfaces or  cells. It’s broad range of targets that make aptamers candidates for a wide variety of applications including drug development.

Pharmaceutical Drug Development
Pharmaceutical Drug Development

Contract Laboratory regularly helps pharmaceutical manufacturers and scientific researchers with outsourcing their pharmaceutical drug development to Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s). Below are some pharmaceutical drug development projects.

Incoming Pharmaceutical Drug Development Projects

  • Pharmaceutical Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical Testing the influence of pharmacological
  • Pharma company looking for FDA GLP CAP/CLIA testing facility for two clinical development compounds.
  • Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Imaged Capillary Isoelectric Focusing iCIEF for monoclonal antibody mAb identification.
  • US FDA GMP / GLP Pharmaceutical Virology Laboratory needed for GMP PCV (porcine circovirus) testing of 1, up to 10
  • LONG-TERM TESTING Containment Level 3 Laboratory needed for Dispensing approximately 2Ltrs of HG3 plasma
  • Large clinical company needs Clinical Research Central Laboratory for antibody testing: human CD32b testing , low-affinity
  • Europe Product Safety laboratory needed for new pharmaceutical cream testing for introduction into the EU and international markets
  • Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Product development work for molecular biology (PCR, library prep, DNA sequencing on Illumina
  • Preclinical laboratory needed for gene enhanced cell therapy toxicology study in immunocompromised rats,
  • Australia bioanalytical laboratory needed to make degalactosylated/desialylated bovine colostrum from normal
  • Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for developing Testing method of two drugs in tablet form
  • Small volume parenteral manufacturing plant needs product safety laboratory for toxicology testing, and interaction study
  • Biochemistry laboratory needed for custom synthesis and quality control testing of Zn2+ complex of anthracenyl terpyridine
  • Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for multiplex assays or proteomic studies for toxicity study on therapeutic
  • Life Science Company needs Toxicology laboratory for in-vivo toxicity studies in rats.
  • Biomaterials laboratory needed for in-vitro surgical sealant testing 1. Burst test of surgical sealant (2-PEGs) as per ASTM F2392.
  • Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for alloxan, STZ, STZ + Nicotinamide diabetic nephropathy models. oxidative
  • Europe Contract Research Organization CRO needs bioanalytical laboratory for plasma analysis.
  • Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for comparison studies: efficacy testing of chemically-modified the structure of known pharmaceuticals that can test and measure the
  • LONG-TERM: Preclinical CRO Immunology/Histology Laboratory needed for Non-GLP histological processing from buffered formalin
  • USFDA GLP preclinical contract research organization laboratory needed for method development Need to develop bio assay
  • FDA GLP laboratory needed for pharmaceutical testing: Cryo TEM analysis of liposomal injections
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for validation of finished product assay test methods and stability testing for glactomannan in tablet

And many more which maybe viewed at Drug Development Laboratory  Requests

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