Phthalate Testing in Plastics and Polymers

Phthalate testing
Phthalate testing is done to detect trace levels in products and materials and ensure the plastic is structurally sound for its intended use.

Phthalates are colorless, odorless chemicals found in plastics and polymers including consumer products, toys, and even food containers. Phthalate consumption has been linked to birth defects, hormonal disruption, behavioral issues, fertility issues, obesity, and other reproductive issues. Consuming phthalates has also been linked to asthma, neurological and cardiovascular issues. Phthalates are often added to plastics to make the plastic more soft and pliable.

Phthalate testing in plastics and polymers is done to detect trace levels in products and materials and ensure the plastic is structurally sound for its intended use. Testing also helps researchers understand how the material will perform in its intended environment.

Phthalate testing in plastics and polymers is now required in a variety of industry and may be performed using spectroscopy, chromatography, elemental analysis, or microscopy. If you need a laboratory to perform phthalate testing, Contract Laboratory can help save you time and money! Submit your phthalate test request online, or by calling 1-855-377-6821. The following requests were received by Contract Laboratory, view more requests here.

Phthalate Testing Requests

  • ISO 17025 Accreditated laboratory needed for Phthalate testing for a medical device
  • Toy distributor needs consumer products safety laboratory for toy product safety testing including phthalate testing there have been many reports of high levels of phthalates and other dangerous substances of competitor product which we suspect are not suitable for children use. those products dont have any safety mark or any other EU certificate.
  • FDA Polymer Laboratory needed for FDA polesterterphthalate testing Migration fastness of PR 122 for polyesterterphthalate (PET) containers/bottles for food contact: Detection limit is 0.5ppb level from pigmented PET swatches
  • UK UKAS, ISO9001 analytical chemistry laboratory needed for phthalate testing of chemical finished products which are manufactured by ourselves and used in the Flavour and Fragrance industry to be analysed for total phthalate ester level (17 specified phthalate esters to be determined as specified by the recent chinese regulations on importations. The level of quantification will need to be low ppm to high ppb for each phthalate ester using appropriate methodolgy which has been suitably validated and suitably verified preferably by an ISO9001/UKAS laboratory or similar internationally recognised standard”
  • Malaysia Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for lead phthalate testing for safety use.
  • Product Safety laboratory needed for EU phthalate testing of plastic toys

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