Protein Characterization | Protein Identification

Protein characterization
Characterization of a protein: identifying physical, chemical and biological properties.

Protein characterization is a term used to describe the process of identifying physical, chemical and biological properties of a protein. Many techniques exist to perform protein analysis.

Before proteins can be characterized and studied they must be isolated. Methods for isolation vary due to differences in size, charge, weight, shape, density, and other characteristics.

The most common techniques for isolation, also known as purification, include centrifugation, or isolation by mass; electrophoresis, separation based on charge; and chromatogrpahy, separation by mass, charge, or binding ability.

Test requests for characterization of proteins we’ve helped facilitate:

  • Bioanalytical laboratory needed for characterization using Circular Dichroism.
  • Pharmaceutical bioanalytical laboratory needed for Binding Studies and Protein Characterization. Equilibrium dialysis FTIR – Bio ATR Spectroscopy CD Spectroscopy
  • FDA GMP compliant bioanalytical laboratory needed for testing of pharmaceutical products: Characterization for some of our in-house products including monoclonal antibodies and proteins.
  • Bioanalytical laboratory needed for soil protein analysis: Protein characterization (Proteomic and FAME analysis) by SDS-PAGE, IEF and amino acid sequencing.
  • FDA GLP, GMP and ICH Compliant Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for protein characterization HDX MS using at minimum a GLP or qualified level of assay.
  • India FDA GMP Pharmacogenomics Laboratory needed for characterization, N-terminal sequencing, MALDI-Tof Analysis, CD spectroscopy
  • and more!

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