qPCR Testing

qPCR testing
qPCR is a technique used to detect a specific DNA sequence for detecting the presence of microorganisms.

qPCR, also known as quantitative polymerase chain reaction, is a technique used to detect a specific DNA sequence or sequences. This type of testing is common in both research and diagnostics for detecting the presence of microorganisms.

One application is the ability identify multiple pathogens at once from a variety of different specimen in an effort to figure out the cause of infections. Having this technology allows doctors to quickly and more accurately choose treatment and antibiotics or antivirals to patients. As the application and availability of this type of testing expands, testing from nasal, throat, and sputum samples will have a faster turn around time and will be cheaper as samples can be tested for multiple bacteria or viruses at once.

Another advantage is the ability to detect large numbers of genes from pathogens without having to first culture the organism. One area to benefit from this type of testing isĀ  safe drinking water. Waterborne pathogens previously were tested for one at a time but with the advancements of qPCR, multiple pathogens can be tested for at once, saving time and money when waterborne infection outbreaks occur.

qPCR Test Requests Received by Contract Laboratory

  • Clinical Research Organization associated with digestive health needs GLP compliant laboratory for multiple urine, faecal, blood and gene testing Gene qPCR and metagenomics: IL-1 IL-6 IL-8 IL-10 IL-12p70 TNF and Myeloperoxidase Urine samples for Lactulose, Rhamnose, Uric acid, Vitamin C And Blood samples for Calprotectin, Uric acid, Vitamin C, Bacterial 16S rRNA, Faecal samples for Calprotectin, Gene qPCR and metagenomics, Occult bleeding, B. Breve
  • Food technology company needs Genetics Laboratory for DNA purification and QPCR analysis testing: Samples to be tested against 10 different primer/probe sets.
  • LONG-TERM TESTING Ireland bioanalytical contract laboratory needed for test method transfer validation and lot release viral testing on an API for pharmaceutical use. The viral testing is both qPCR and infectivity assay. Validated test methods exist.
  • Virology Laboratory needed for air testing: viral anlaysis per Viral indicator (Pepper Mild Mottle Virus ? PMMV) Nucleic acid extraction of PC filter followed by qPCR Genomic copy/m3 None; indicator organism Kitajima et al., 2014 Adenovirus Nucleic acid extraction of PC filter followed by qPCR Based on LD50 data Schultz et al., 2011 Norovirus Nucleic acid extraction of PC filter followed by qPCR Based on LD50 data Schultz et al., 2011
  • USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for PCR Analysis: qPCR measurement of telomere length using the Cawthon method. We will have experimental and control samples in triplicate and would like the cost/sample (triplicate with internal control).
  • Maryland EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for testing of two samples
  • CLIA Bioanlytical Laboratory needed for testing for fasciolopsis genus of parasites, specific species Fasciolopsis buskii. As well as a full comprehensive qPCR testing of the Trematoda class of parasites.
  • East Coast USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for testing on liver samples from small animals to assess pDNA delivery to cells
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