Why Sports Equipment Safety Testing is Necessary

Does your organization need sports equipment safety testing?

Sports equipment safety testing is performed because products are expected to meet safety requirements before being released to the public. Today, the US Consumer Products Safety Commissions announced that Rollerblade USA is recalling their Rollerblade Brand Helmets.
Sports Helmet Safety Testing
Sports Helmet Safety Testing

The Rollerblade Helmets are being recalled due to a Head Injury Hazard. According to the announcement, the helmet’s plastic shell can crack where the straps attach, causing the helmet to shift and move on the wearer’s head. 

Does your company manufacturer sports, fitness or exercise protective equipment used in rollerblading or other sports like football,  rock climbing,  motorcycle racing, skateboarding, biking, cycling or skiing and need to have sports equipment safety testing done? Ensure the safety or compliance of your helmets or other sports equipment, by using third-party independent laboratories for testing or certification. ContractLaboratory.com has helped many sports and fitness equipment manufacturers, importers and distributors with their sports and fitness equipment testing or certification. Below are examples of how ContractLaboratory.com helped facilitate laboratory outsourcing for sports equipment:
  • Clinical Research laboratory needed for clinical trial that can evaluate the accuracy of several heart rate measurement devices and compare them to ECG while a subject is running on a treadmill. Looking for 10+ subjects.
  • Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for Product Safety Testing of treadmill safety belt.
  • USA sports laboratory needed for durability and reliability testing of “Bench Press Neck Guard” by dropping a 400 lb weight bar on it while simulating a weightlifter performing a bench press!! The weight bar should also be dropped at different angles (besides horizontal) to test for durability in different circumstances.
  • USA Sports Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Outdoor fitness equipment to pass ASTM: F2276-10, ASTM F1749-09, and possibly parts in ASTM F887 including break strength and durability testing: ASTM F2276:
  • Laboratory needed for athletic sock testing for shock absorption, compression (mmHg), and wash test.
  • Playground equipment manufacturer planning on entering USA market needs product safety laboratory for playground equipment testing: ASTM norms (ASTM F1148& ASTM F1487)? Please, find the list of products enclosed. There are 39 products altogether: 36 for residential home playgrounds, 3 for commercial playgrounds. Also, some of products have several color variants. We would like to receive from you an offer for all necessary documentation required to sell our products in U.S.A.
  • California Materials Laboratory for comparison testing of product vs. competitor product: compression testing (on an Instron machine) to determine the force at which the product breaks. We were hoping to perform this testing on a sample size of 10 for each type of product, and we hope to be present in the lab during the testing. In addition, we want to inquire about other test equipment (measuring tools, drop tip indicator, etc.) as we aim to perform durometer and roundness tests
Are you a manufacturer, distributor or importer of helmets or other sports equipment for sports such as skiing, cycling, rock-climbing, skateboarding, ice-skating or hockey that needs a laboratory for inspection, certification or other sports equipment safety testing? We can help! Call 1-855-377-6821 or Submit Test Request

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