What’s in Halloween Candy?

Trick-or-treat, tomorrow night children of all ages will dress in their costumes and go door to door in hopes of acquiring handfuls of sugary Halloween candy goodness! But before your […]

New ASTM Standard for Bed Rails

Last month, ASTM released a new international standard with requirements for portable bed rails and accessories. The standard (F3186) addresses issues relating to openings and attachments to beds in hopes […]

Playground Equipment Safety Testing

During the summer, a park with a playground equipment is a draw for children and parents alike. While children love them and obtain the badly needed exercise, parents on the […]

Testing for BPA

Testing for BPA  can be performed on a number of consumer products, as BPA is found in such things as hard plastics, canned goods, sporting goods, water bottles, electronics, toiletries, […]

Waterproof Testing

Summer is on its way and with the sun and the heat comes playing in the water to cool down! How can you be sure your device and technology can […]

Consumer Packaged Goods Reformulation

In a recent retail report, 179,600 consumer packaged goods worldwide were reformulated last year in an effort to keep up with consumers’ changing tastes (read article detailing the report, here). […]

Cosmetics Microbiology Testing

From glittery eye shadow, to SPF anti-aging skincare face creams, to water-proof eyelash mascara and glossy long-lasting lipsticks, cosmetics microbiology testing is important. Cosmetics come into contact with the human body […]