Top 5 reasons for Outsourcing Laboratory Testing

5Contract Laboratory was the first and is the largest web-based platform for facilitating and centralizing laboratory outsourcing and scientific procurement. We have helped facilitate over 80,000 laboratory test requests worth millions of dollars.

  1. Cost
    One of the biggest reasons for outsourcing testing is the cost savings. In-house laboratories with dedicated equipment can be expensive to setup, operate, and maintain. Outsourcing testing not only reduces an organization’s overhead and operating cost, but also allows a company to use and pay for expert laboratory services only when needed.
  2. Experience
    Many in-house laboratories perform testing on a wide variety of subjects with no specialized experience. By outsourcing laboratory testing, testing can be accomplished by a laboratory specializing in a specific type of testing or by specialists working with a specific piece of testing equipment. Either way, those performing the testing are likely to be experts at performing your specific type of testing.
  3. Objectivity
    Another advantage to outsourcing testing is that the results will be objective. When laboratory testing is performed in-house it is generally done by the researchers close to the project who often have a bias on the outcome. By outsourcing your testing you will receive unbiased and objective testing.
  4. Staffing & Equipment
    Similar to cost savings, outsourcing testing to a facility with designated employees and equipment prepared to perform your specific type of testing is both money and time saving. By using a dedicated laboratory, your organization can skip buying any specific equipment, or hiring specially trained professionals to perform your testing.
  5. Focused Testing
    A final reason for outsourcing your laboratory testing is to receive focused testing. Many in-house researchers are participating in multiple projects at once and therefore are not fully invested in each individual project. By outsourcing, your testing will receive dedicated oversight.

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