Urine Drug Toxicology Testing

drug toxicology testing
Drug toxicology testing is performed on urine samples as concentrations of drugs are usually higher and testing is less invasive, faster, and cheaper.

Most drug toxicology testing is performed on urine samples, as most drugs are broken down and excreted through urine. Testing can also be done on blood, however concentrations of drugs are usually higher in urine and testing is less invasive, faster, and cheaper.

Urine drug toxicology testing is sensitive enough that even small traces of a drug can be detected. Toxicology testing of urine samples is often performed in batches. Two common types of batch testing are thin-layer chromatography and immunoassays. Thin-layer chromatography, also known as TLC, is commonly used to test specimen because of the sensitivity of the test, and it can test for more than one drug. Immunoassays are commonly used because of their need for a small sample and the ease with which they can be performed.

If a batch results in a positive, the samples are then tested individually to identify the positive sample(s). Once the positive sample has been identified, it is retested with a confirmatory test. The purpose of confirmatory testing is to retest a sample with a highly specific and sensitive test that has a lower incidence of producing a false positive.

Incorrect or inconclusive results generally occur when improper collection, handling, or testing techniques are used. While errors can occur in any scientific procedure, many drug tests rely specifically on technician interpretation, making human error a common cause of incorrect results. Some tests also mistakenly identify OTC drugs or even food related to drugs.

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Drug Toxicology Testing Requests Received by Contract Laboratory

  • New York, New Jersey GC/LC/MS Toxicology Laboratory required for Drug toxicology monitoring
  • Immediate need for clinical laboratory for blood wellness panel and urine toxicology for long term medication use.
  • Rehab center needs Clinical Toxicology Laboratory for Urine analysis: drug and alcohol testing for about 2000 urine toxicology samples
  • Large pharmacy chain needs analytical chemistry laboratory for drug testing on Calcium, Magnesium, Amino Acids, Tryptophan and N-Acetyl-L-Tryosine
  • Midwest USA High complexity CLIA lab to perform LC/MS/MS urine drug testing on 1200 samples.
  • Mobile Drug Testing Company performing steroid, workplace, background check testing with Business, School and Individual clients needs clinical laboratory for testing their client samples: 1. ancestry 2. heavy metals/poisoning
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