Workplace Safety Testing

Workplace Safety Testing

Looking for workplace safety testing?

On November 18, 2015, the CDC Foundation’s released it’s New Business Pulse which focuses on Workplace Safety Foundation with innovative employer strategies using science-based solutions from

Employee Safety Testing
Employee Safety Testing

CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). These new strategies were put in place to address emerging worker safety and health issues. According to this article, employers face complex challenges ranging from this $263 billion economic burden. This article and an infographic can be seen here

If your company is an employer, testing of employees and their environment may help reduce this burden. At, we have worked with companies in outsourcing their OSHA Occupational Safety and Environmental Health compliance testing. Examples of how we have helped include:

  • Environmental Laboratory needed for Environmental Monitoring for sulfur tetrafluoride oxide, thionyl fluoride, silicon tetrafluoride, disulfur decafluoride, and sulfur tetrafluoride. Must be specific enough to evaluate concentrations with relation to permissable exposure limits and threshold limit values for each analyte (usually 0.1 ppm).
  • OSHA / EPA Certified North Carolina Industrial Hygiene Laboratory needed for cotton dust exposure concentration .
  • Industrial Hygiene laboratory needed for urine analysis for DCB (dichlorobenzidine)
  • Microbiology Laboratory needed for surface sample Analysisor pathogenic bacteria & viruses including MRSA in Fire Station and associated ambulances. Please provide pricing for culturable and PCR methods.
  • Industrial laboratory needed for Water testing of wastewater of manufacturing businesses
  • China industrial waste laboratory needed for industrial hazardous waste testing as follows, 1] Test waste sample for Ash content & heating value. 2] Melt waste sample and collect slag to measure slag properties & weight. Could you please advise if your company could offer these services. We will ship samples from Shanghai area.
  • India NIOSH industrial hygiene laboratory needed for occupational health testing 1, Benzene (Method: NIOSH 1501) 2, Perchloro Ethylene (Method: NIOSH 1003) 3, Ammonia (Method: NIOSH S347) 4, Naphthalene (Method: NIOSH 1501)
  • British Columbia industrial hygiene laboratory needed for employee evaluation for olfactory capacity on yearly basis.
  • Industrial Hygiene Laboratory needed for MIL-SPEC oxygen testing of AVIATOR’S BREATHING GAS in order to confirm the compliment of the specification MIL-PRF-27210, the sample can be send to your laboratory Airline
  • Industrial Hygiene laboratory needed for NIOSH Testing for organotin compounds (NIOSH 5504, using AAS)

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