25 Lab Requests received on February 2, 2023

Incoming Laboratory Requests

On 2 February 2023, Contract Laboratory received 25 laboratory requests. These requests were asking for analysis of dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, electronics, construction and building, food testing, plus many more. Of note, we received 2 requests for dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals that needed multiple tests and products tested. Also, one urgent request for a Canadian laboratory to do baby sleepwear testing.

If you’re a lab that is looking for new clients, you can view a sample of them below or visit our website to see an in-depth list at, incoming lab requests.

23-00381 Chemicals
Canada Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for CAS 9011-18-1 raw material purity check(view project)
23-00380 Wire and Wiring
Contract Laboratory needed for propellant resistance testing of finished wire to MIL-DTL-82381 Propellant resistance testing of specimen of finish…(view project)
23-00379 Electronics
USA Contract Laboratory needed for photometrics testing for IES files on our on-line catalog. Approximately 20 samples
(view project)
23-00378 Fisheries and Aquaculture
Microbiology Laboratory needed for determination of Bacillus spp. of aquaculture feed that contains around 10^9 CFU/g probiotic to EN 15784.(view project)
23-00377 Metals
USA Contract Laboratory needed for life expectancy and structural integrity of section of copper pipe taken from a structure we may be ac…(view project)
23-00376 Elevators, Escalators and Lifts
Contract Laboratory needed for ASME elevator control panel testing to ASME A 17.5(view project)
23-00375 Wine, Beer, and Liquor
Analytical Laboratory needed to test alcohol by volume ABV of wines. Looking for a price per sample and turnaround time.(view project)
23-00374 Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals
ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Dietary Supplements Laboratory needed to provide Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the compounds listed in Appe…(view project)
23-00373 Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals
Large Nutrition Company needs East Coast USA Food Laboratory for protein powder testing for Sibutramine, Desmethylsibutramine, Phenolphth…(view project)
23-00372 Furniture
California Contract Laboratory needed to get CAL 117 certificate for fabrics and leather (if required) for our products (chairs). Need t…(view project)
23-00371 Construction and Building
Petrochemical Company needs Contract Laboratory for Asphalt sample Analysis(view project)
23-00370 Carpets, Carpeting, and Rugs
Textiles Laboratory needed for electrostatic propensity testing of fabrics product used in carpets. Also, let us know what you will need…(view project)
23-00369 Food
Agriculture Food Laboratory needed for deformulation and reverse engineering on a gluten free flour blend that comes from Europe. Hoping to get the ratios/…(view project)
23-00366 Wine, Beer, and Liquor
Contract Analytical Laboratory needed to measure micro g/l level of Ethyl Carbomate in alcoholic beverage product. 10 Samples(view project)
23-00365 Dentistry and Dental Products
Contract Laboratory needed for toothpaste RDA value testing.(view project)
23-00364 Pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for USP monograph testing– ID A, and assay for concentrated hydrogen peroxide.The slight difference between the USP mono…(view project)
23-00363 Life Sciences
India Microbiology Laboratory needed for water testing for detection of Burkholderia Cepacia ATCC No. 25416 microorganism, 100 ml Detecti…(view project)
23-00362 Baby, Infant and Children’s Products
Canada ISO 17025 Accredited Consumer Products Laboratory urgently needed for sleepwear compliance testing to ensure it complies w…(view project)
23-00361 Chemicals
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for raw material purity testing on 9011-18-1 Dextran Sulfate product.(view project)
23-00359 Polymer
UK Contract Laboratory needed to perform weathering testing for laminated and un-laminated ink on PVC for an Ink manufacturer.(view project)
23-00358 BUDGET APPROVED ( $1000 – $2000)
ISO 17025 Accredited Dietary Supplement Laboratory needed identity testing of Pueraria mirifica root powdered extract wh…(view project)
Medical Device Laboratory needed for elbow crutches testing as per ISO 11334-1:2007(E). So, please let us know if you can do the testing as per this standa…(view project)
Service Requests
23-00368 Architecture, Construction and Design
Laboratory Engineering Company needed for consulting to develop Textile /garments Testing Laborator…(view more)
23-00367 Calibration, Maintenance and Repair
Contract Laboratory Service Provider needed for calibration services for multiple thermal cyclers lo…(view more)
23-00360 Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory needed to rent one fast chamber from 7/31 to 8/11 or 8/31, 2 to 5 weeks,
Requirement: …(view more)