Analysis of Capsaicinoid for Scoville Heating Unit (SHU)

SHU for chili peppers
Capsaicinoid Analysis for Scoville Heating Unit (SHU)

“How hot is my product,” is a frequently asked question that food manufacturers, importers, distributors and restaurants ask.  Today, received a request from a company that distributes hot peppers that needs to know hot they are. They need a food laboratory for the analysis of capsaicinoid from dried peppers for calculating SHU value (3 samples).

 The SHU (Scoville Heating Unit) is a commonly used method for measuring heat in chilies and peppers. SHU measurements measure the concentration of capsaicin, known as analysis of capsaicinoid, known to cause spicy heat.The heat sensation experienced when eating hot chilies or peppers is caused by the type and the amount of capsaicinoids present within the pepper.  View more on this capsaicinoid analysis project.


The following are test requests Contract Laboratory has helped facilitate for chili peppers and other spicy foods:
  • Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Scoville heat units (SHU) rating testing for liguid Chilli hot sauce.
  • Australia Agriculture Laboratory needed for SHU tests of chili peppers
  • FDA GLP Food laboratory with approved test methods needed for enzyme testing of jalapeno peppers for enzyme activity of the following: Peroxidase Polygalacturonase
  • US Customs Broker needs private FDA Laboratory for salmonella testing on korean chili peppers.
  • USA FDA and EPA Laboratory needed for FDA and EPA pesticide testing. Analysis of pesticides residues on water and food samples as per FDA/EPA requirements. Food samples includes bell and chili peppers. Sample amount: approx. 200 per month.
  • USA Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing chili peppers for Scoville heat units
  • USA (Puerto Rico) Food analytical chemistry lab needed for testing of peppers to adhere with FDA safety standards
  • Food Laboratory needed for chili oil testing: nutritional labeling and shelf life studies.
  • USA FDA approved microbiology laboratory needed for sampling pf imported Chili Power and Salmonella testing
  • Food laboratory need for food artificial coloring testing for Ponceau 4R and FD&C yellow 6. Analysis by UPLC with PDA; in hot sauce and chili pepper.
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for deformuation of a spice mix (cayenne, chili, …).


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Are you a food manufacturer, distributor, importer or restaurant that need  a laboratory to perform an analysis of capsaicinoid for Scoville Heating Unit (SHU) or other food testing, let Contract Laboratory save you time and money! Call us, Toll-Free1-855-377-6821 to see how we can help, or visit us online to submit your test request!

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