ASTM Oil, Gas ,Petroleum Product Testing

Asphaltenes in Oil Production NEW LAB STANDARD – ASTM Test Method

Need testing for Asphaltenes in Oil Production?

ASTM has announced that it will be releasing a new laboratory test standard for Asphaltenes in Oil Production. When it is released, it will be  entitled “ASTM D7996, Test Method for Measuring Visible Spectrum of Asphaltenes in Heavy Fuel Oils and Crude Oils by Spectroscopy in a Microfluidic Platform)”. View more information about this ASTM Test Standard and how it can help improve efficiency in producing crude and heavy fuel oils here

Contract Laboratory helps companies with the outsourcing of Testing, Inspection and Certification including for ASTM Testing of Oil Production, Gas and Petroleum products.

ASTM Oil, Gas and Petroleum Product Testing
ASTM Oil, Gas and Petroleum Product Testing

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Some of the test requests for asphaltenes that we have helped facilitate include:


  • Oil Laboratory for crude oil testing on following: Asphaltenes ASTM D6560; Flash point ASTM D56: Total sulfur, mercaptanes
  • Canada analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for asphaltenes and maltene content in the sample to ASTM D6560
  • Crude oil condensates for saturated hydrocarbons, aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes. Must be familiar with the Iatroscan (TLF-FID) instrumental method. Seeking lab versed in this technique and willing to run some samples for us to allow us to evaluate to see if it meets our particular needs.

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