A large focus of biomechanics research is on creating and designing implants that outperform those currently on the market.

Biomechanics is a large branch of science covering a wide spectrum of testing from how cells work, to how the human body moves, with a focus on learning more about how mechanical physics and engineering affect movement and body tissues. A common use or application of biomechanics is in the field of orthopedics where implants are designed for joints and other body parts. A large focus of biomechanics research is on creating and designing implants that outperform those currently on the market, and better suit the patient.

Due to the fact that biomechanics is such a large branch of science, research and testing in this field ranges from robotics to bones to cells and cellular processes. Combining physics, math, and robotics, to study how forces effect the body mean biomechanical researchers are experts when it comes to improving performance and helping to prevent injury.

Biomechanics Test Requests Received by Contract Laboratory

  • Clinical Sports Performance laboratory needed for clinical biomechanical testing in humans to validate performance of university’s sports biomechanics equipment Simi motion analysis system, Vertigo static and dynamic balance system, Bertec force platform, Myon EMG, IsoMed 2000-dynamometer.
  • Eastern USA, California Biomechanics Testing Laboratory needed for ASTM D4020, F648-00, F2003-00, F22102-01, ASTM F2183-02 Testing for FDA 510(k) for implant orthopedics. The contractor should provide all the biomechanics testing required by FDA’s Design Control Requirements, Title 21; Code of Federal Regulations Part:820.30 + ISO 5832-9:1992, ISO 5832-2:1999, ISO 5832-1:1997, ISO 5834-2:1998 The products consist in orthopedic acetabular components range. This project will be completed by a second phase of testing for the purpose of 510(k) submission focused on the the head femorale head and the femorale stem
  • Robotics Laboratory needed for development and evaluation studies of robotic equipment to ISO/TR 13309:1995 Manipulating industrial robots — Informative guide on test equipment and metrology methods of operation for robot performance evaluation in accordance with ISO 9283
  • East Coast USA Laboratory needed for robotic testing to OPEI B71.1 Standard Thrown objects test Section
  • Orthopedics medical device laboratory needed for physical certification testing of prosthetic devices to ISO10328 (Prosthetics – Structural) for a lower-limb prosthesis
  • Orthopedics Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Biophysical Testing: static compression, compression sheer, subsidence, dynamic compression, fatigue to runout, cantilever bend, dynamic cantilever bend
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