CHNSO Analysis

CHNSO Analysis
Elemental analysis is the process of analyzing a sample to determine its elemental composition.

Elemental analysis is the process of analyzing a sample to determine its elemental composition. One method of elemental analysis used for determining the content of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen is CHNSO analysis. Rapid CHNSO analysis is performed on petroleum, biofuels, refined fuels, and other hydrocarbon products in solid, liquid, volatile or viscous state.

The analysis of elements can be qualitative, where the elements in a sample are determined, or it can be quantitative, where the amount of an element is present. CHNSO analysis is used across many industries like pharmaceutical, energy, environmental, food, and more.

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The following are test requests received by Contract Laboratory from companies and organizations needing laboratories to perform CHNSO or other elemental analysis:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer needs laboratory for elemental analysis by CHNSO instrument for Arsenic trioxide and Arsenic pentoxide to differentiate both and for structural characterization of Arsenic pentoxide.
  • Environmental laboratory needed for elemental analysis in soil for heavy metals (Hg, Se, As)
  • Large Mining company needs metallurgical laboratory for elemental analysis: copper sulfide concentrate
  • Materials Laboratory needed for Elemental analysis: Carbon and hydrogen (C H analysis), C% and H%
  • Metallurgical laboratory needed for elemental analysis of pottery plant stands for following elements: Tin Tantalum Tungsten Gold
  • Mining company needs laboratory for chemical testing, elements/Elemental Analysis Testing & machinery function
  • Metaullurgical Laboratory needed for trace mineral testing (elemental analysis) of sea salt
  • Metallurgical laboratory needed for Elemental Analysis C H N S Cu
  • Europe FDA GLP Contract Laboratory needed with fully validated methods for 5-batch-analysis; (quantitative) X-ray diffraction (XRD); X-ray fluorescence (XRF) (elemental analysis); Infrared Spectroscopy (IR); fully validated methods
  • USA FDA GMP Laboratory needed for Elemental Analysis by CHNS/O System
  • USA geology laboratory needed for elemental analysis on hard rock concentrates to get an accurate percentage or ppm number of the precious metals and rare earth elements that is in my material. The precious metals I would be interested in having in the test would be: Platinum, Rhodium, Gold, Iridium,Osmium, Palladium, Rhenium, and Ruthenium. And the rare earth elements I would be interested in when doing elemental analysis on my material would be Dyprosium, Europium,Terbium and any others that would have a significant value and would be worth processing.
  • and more!

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