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corrosion testing
Corrosion testing to ensure metals adhere to performance standards.

On May 8, 2017, we received a test request from a company needing a laboratory to perform corrosion testing of metals. Corrosion testing is done to ensure all metals, platings, and coatings adhere to the highest performance standards, and helps manufacturers understand just how their materials will hold up under certain conditions. Tests for corrosion involve salt spray testing and humidity testing. Corrosion of metals testing helps to determine a materials susceptibility to corrosion.

Metal corrosion can have many negative effects on products in addition to being costly. Performing corrosion analysis and testing during product design can mitigate many corrosion issues that may arise later, such as damage to equipment, materials, and pipes, in addition to saving company down time.

Corrosion testing also includes comparing wear on different materials, evaluating the effectiveness of protective treatments, and identifying corrosion causing materials.

Testing of metals for corrosion helps determine the materials strength and ability to withstand different environmental conditions. Because the natural corrosion process can be slow to witness, many accelerated test methods exist to predict corrosive behavior. The easiest way to perform corrosion testing is to expose samples of a material to environmental factors for a period of time and then evaluate the corrosion that has occurred.

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Corrosion testings we have helped facilitate

  • URGENT TESTING Laboratory needed for corrosion testing of metals to ISO 6509 on faucet shanks. The assessment criteria are based on the exposure tests detailed in ISO 6509
  • Metals coating company needs NABL laboratory for IEC resistivity ,corrosion & sulphur testing to IEC 62561.
  • Water agency needs Metallurgical Laboratory needed for corrosion testing including pitting depth from corrosion on 1 Type K Soft copper tubing.
  • Geo-electrical laboratory needed for testing of ground enhancing materials according to IEC 62561-7: 1. Leaching test – Based on EN12457 – 2 Part 2 and EN ? 12506 2. Sulfur test – Based on ISO 4689-3 : 2004 3. Corrosion test – Based on LPR method (Linear Polarization Resistance Method)
  • Electrical laboratory needed for lightning protection and corrosion testing of 5 kilograms of a liquid and solid.
  • Materials laboratory needed for corrosion testing of a chemical on boiler systems

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