Cosmetics Stability Studies

Cosmetics Stability Studies

Cosmetics Stability Studies
Cosmetics Stability Studies ensures that each product meets the necessary safety standards.

Cosmetics Stability Studies are accomplished by creating a batch of product and testing samples under different conditions to understand what happens to a product in certain situations.

These studies ensure that each product meets the necessary standards. Stability studies of cosmetics generally fall under three categories:

  • Physical and chemical tests
    • Color
    • Odor
    • pH
    • Texture
    • Any sign of separation
  • Microbiological tests
    • Determine degree of contamination
    • Bacteria, mold, and yeast
  • Packaging tests
    • Influence of containers on product

Cosmetics Stability Studies help to determine expiration dates and shelf life of cosmetics products. Cosmetic products safety depends on stability testing to verify that the product and the packaging maintain their quality and safety for the lifespan of the product.

A few of the Cosmetics Stability Studies that Contract Laboratory has helped facilitate:

  • Laboratory needed for photostability testing for UV degradation of skin care products packaged in a post-market jar.
  • Cosmetics microbiology laboratory needed for microbial analysis of hair product for bacteria, fungi and mold to test preservative efficacy and product stability.
  • Clinical Research Laboratory needed for cosmetics safety assessment of several skincare products.
  • Cosmetic microbiology laboratory needed for shelf life testing of a beauty product.including yeast and mold.
  • Cosmetic fragrance laboratory needed for testing a bath bomb for skin irritation and safety.

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Contract Laboratory is here to help your organization find a laboratory to perform the necessary cosmetics stability studies. Call us at 1-855-377-6821 to see how we can help! Or submit your cosmetics test request online!

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