CPSC Toy Safety Testing

CPSC Toy Safety Testing

CPSC Toy Safety Testing
CPSC Toy Safety Testing

With kids getting ready to unwrap lots of toys this holiday season, we thought we would highlight the importance of CPSC Toy Safety Testing and thank the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and US Customs and Border Patrol for making our children’s toys safer! A new report issued in November, 2017 by the CPSC highlights how the CPSC and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are collaborating to keep unsafe toys off the shelves.

during the past four years, 8 million units of about 4,500 different types of toys were stopped  due to safety hazards or the failure to meet federal safety standards


From classic toys like legos and wooden blocks to high technology computerized remote controlled cars,  CPSC Toy Safety Testing ensures the safety of toys solc in the US. With Christmas and the Holiday Season upon us, we are reminded of the importance of CPSC Toy Safety Testing.  Since 2012, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), have kept more than 4,500 toys and children’s products out of the U.S. due to safety standard violations such as small parts, lead, and even labeling requirements. Inspection of cargo at ports by both agencies has helped identify and detain these unsafe toys. In an effort to avoid toys and products being detained, the CPSC enforces safety standards and even trains manufacturers regarding safety standards.

In 2015, there were about 185,500 toy related injuries in children under 15, mainly involving cuts or bruises to the face, however there was also a reported 11 deaths. But toy recalls alone have declined from 172 in 2008, to just 24 in 2016. Most toys are recalled for choking hazards, high levels of lead, mechanical hazards, and fire hazards.  CPSC Toy Safety Testing by independent, third-party toy laboratories can ensure the safety of toys from choking hazards, high levels of lead, mechanical hazards and fire hazards.

Contract Laboratory helps toy makers and toy manufacturers with the outsourcing of their CPSC Toy Safety Testing. The following are examples of projects from toy makers and toy manufacturers >

  • Large Toy manufacturer needs Textile laboratory for denier counts and construction confirmation testing for three tricot fabric cuts.
  • Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ISO 8124 or EN71 testing of soft play book for children 3+ to ISO8124, Safety of Toys or EN71.
  • Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for product testing and certification for a children’s toy/furniture product children’s step/stool made of wood.
  • Company selecting textile products ( toy like) that require testing for the Canadian market There are 2 textile products that appeal to be used by children under 3 years old Also an infant textile bib with velcro. Testing includes Textile Flammability Regulations (SOR/2011-22) No flame retardant PBB Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations, 2012 (SOR/2012-285) Toys Regulations (SOR/2011-17)
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for benzene testing of toys to potentially develop program going forward
  • Toxicology laboratory needed for GLP toxicity testing such as acute oral toxicity test for new plastic polypropylene baby toys.
  • Los Angeles area materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of toy building kits


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Whether you manufacture or distribute dolls, games, puzzles, electronic play robots or scooters, Contract Laboratory can help you with the outsourcing of your CPSC Toy Safety Testing.  If your company is a toy maker or toy manufacturer, ensure the safety of your toys  by finding a laboratory to perform your CPSC toy safety testing, by calling us at 1-855-377-6821 or submit a Toy Safety Test Request online.

Read the full US Consumer Product Safety Commission News Report  at https://www.cpsc.gov/Newsroom/News-Releases/2017/Safer-Together-CPSC-and-CBP-Collaborate-to-Keep-Unsafe-Toys-Off-Store-Shelves