CPSC Vote Eliminates Third Party Testing of Children’s Products

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CPSC unanimously agreed to remove the requirement for third party testing for 7 different plastics from children’s products.

Last month in a 5 to 0 vote, CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Committee) unanimously agreed to remove the requirement for third party testing for 7 different plastics from children’s products, toys and child care articles (read more). Removing this testing requirement eases the burden of finding laboratories for testing for prohibited phthalates while still maintaining CPSC compliance.

Any manufacturer or distributor who wishes to sell children’s toys or child care articles with concentrations above 0.1% of specified phthalates are still required to comply with other regulations of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

CPSC works to ensure the safety of all children’s products including bedding, toys, clothing, accessories, and more. By regulating these products and requiring third-party testing, CPSC helps protect the public from injury and even death associated with improper use or exposure to chemicals from products.

Any manufacturer or importer of children’s products must provide a Children’s Product Certificate certifying their product has been tested by an approved CPSC laboratory and that it is in compliance with safety rules and regulations.

Though the requirements for testing plastics in children’s products have been loosened, safety testing for children’s toys and child care articles are still required as well as for lead, and other potentially hazardous chemicals. Contract Laboratory can help you find laboratories for testing your products, call 1-855-377-6821 to learn more or submit a test request on our website.

Below you will find baby and children’s product test requests we have helped facilitate:

  • Clinical research laboratory needed for clinical study of baby soap for dry skin to determine their safety.
  • Children’s apparel company needs performance laboratory for testing to support care label instructions, Clo testing for temperature rating children’s coat and Cpsia compliance
  • Consumer products laboratory needed children’s product / toy testing for three different products: 1. fabric crinkle toy, 2. fabric blanket 3. 3-dimensional stuffed-toy cube made out of fabric and stuffed with poly-fill and bells
  • Consumer Products laboratory needed for CPSC testing of 3-4 models of bicycle mounted baby seats to ASTM F1625, Standard Specification and Test Method for Rear-Mounted Bicycle Child Carriers and other US CPSC required testing.
  • Importer of baby blankets needs consumer products laboratory for confirmatory toxicity and product safety testing on the product to ensure it is safe for infant use.
  • URGENT Consumer product safety laboratory needed for children’s apparel testing to obtain US CPSC certificate
  • Clinical research laboratory needed for BIS compliant consumer safety study including patch test and sting test for baby wipes:
    1. Sensitive skin volunteers
    2. RIPT on 24 screened volunteers as per BIS
    3. In use tolerance for 2 weeks (24 volunteers)
    Review: By Ethics Committee
    Principle Investigator: Dermatologist
  • Medical Device company needs microbiology laboratory for microbiological tests of diapers and underpads
  • Consumer Safety Laboratory needed for product safety testing of light modeling clay for kids
  • and more!

Originally posted 2017-09-18 19:45:14.