Environmental Simulation Studies

Environmental simulation studies
Environmental simulation studies can help ensure the integrity of your products.

Oh where will your products go!  Do you know?

Will it need exporting to a country facing freezing winter temperatures and be jostled around by harsh shipping conditions by oceans or held on customs storage docks in blistering 100 degree temperatures? Or will it be jostled about on a truck in humid conditions before reaching it’s destination in comfortable, stable environmentally controlled shelves (hopefully)? Your product does a lot of traveling and like a US Thanksgiving Holiday traveler being jostled about in airports, subways and train stations, your product also goes through a lot of stress.

Will it make it there intact and safely or will it be like a frantic traveler arriving sick with a headache and missing luggage?  It’s important that your company know and undertake steps to ensure that stores and consumers who purchase your products receive one that meets your quality standards and their expectations. Failing to understand and take steps could mean compromises in product safety and integrity.  Performing transportation or environmental simulation studies along with other packaging testing can help ensure the integrity of your products.

Environmental simulation studies replicate real world conditions in a controlled laboratory environment. Tests include packaging performance, quality and reliability, stability, and degradation studies. Products are tested under different conditions such as at extreme temperatures and high humidity. Additionally, products are tested in damage inducing movements like being dropped or crushed. By having environmental simulation studies performed on your product, you can understand how your goods will perform or hold up in stress inducing environments.

Today we received the following test request from medical device manufacturer needing a laboratory to perform environmental simulation studies on their products.  Showing the quality of your products beyond final release and into distribution is important to ensure the integrity of the product.


Large Medical Device Company needs laboratory for environmental simulation studies on sterile disposables to simulate distribution across the globe. Read more about this Laboratory Request and many more at ContractLaboratory.com – The Laboratory Outsourcing Network!

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