Epigenetics Gene Expression Research Studies testing

Epigenetics Gene Expression Research Studies

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Epigenetics and Gene Expression

Epigenetics is the study of changes or variations in gene expression that is caused by external factors switching the genes on and off, ultimately affecting how they are expressed. Epigenetic changes occur naturally though they can be influenced by age, lifestyle, and diseases. However, the DNA is not affected by these gene changes. Epigenetic studies are a branch of biology interested in interactions between genes.

Epigenetics play a role in many of the normal cellular processes. It is what differentiates our different types of cells; hair, skin, liver, brain, etc., which all have the same DNA. These different cells are produced because they each have genes that are turned on while others are turned off.

twins for epigenetic studies
Twins for Epigenetics Gene Expression Research Studies

When genes are turned off, known as silencing, this affects the way genes are expressed. The environment, like stress, diet, and toxins can also affect gene expression. This is especially identifiable in identical twins who are not phenotypically different, meaning they have individual, distinguishable characteristics.

Some diseases linked to epigenetic changes are:

  • heart disease
  • obesity
  • certain cancers
  • and more

Contract Laboratory has received the following test requests for genetics and epigenetics testing:

  • USA Clinical CLIA certified lab needed to perform split specimen genetic testing on at least 5 patients. We are specifically interested in the following genes: CYP3A4 CYP3A5 CYP2B6 CYP1A2 OPRM1 COMT MTHFR SLCO1B1
  • Southern California Clinical Toxicology laboratory needed for clinical Toxicology testing, DNA Genetic Testing, Drug Urine Testing. Lab must be able to test a 6-panel Non illicit drug urine test. Lab must be able to test DNA for Genetic tendencies for addiction. Lab must be able to test blood for kidney and liver function.
  • URGENT Genetics Laboratory needed for Gene testing for EAE and Stx1 or Stx2.

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