FDA Compliance in Veterinary Medicine Testing

Today, the US Food and Drug Administration USFDA announced it was taking  steps to withdraw FDA Approval of the swine drug carbadox due to safety concerns. Like human drugs, it’s critical that

Veterinary Medicine Research and Development Testing
Veterinary Medicine Research and Development Testing

pharmaceutical drugs used in animals are tested to ensure their safety. 

ContractLaboratory.com has helped many Veterinary Medicine manufacturers, importers and distributors with the Research and Development and Testing of their Veterinary Medicine Products. Below are some examples of Veterinary Medicine Laboratory Test Requests:
  • Europe laboratory needed for animal health testing.
  • Animal Health company needs laboratory for certification testing that veterinary feed additive is free of antibiotics prior to export. Certification must claim that the sample is free from all kinds of Antibiotics including Chloramphenicle and Nitrofurane and Melamine.
  • Laboratory needed for glucose comparison studies of assays on samples from diabetic pets. Study involves having glucose assays performed at the same time on the animals on a clinical analyzer.
  • Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for bioanalysis assay of progesterone and estradiol on rat serum
  • Veterinary Medicine Laboratory needed for kidney norepinephrine testing in swine
  • University Researcher needs veterinary medicine laboratory for Canine fecal cortisol EIA testing for pilot study.
  • Animal health laboratory needed for Permethrin assays on post mortem tissue of animals
  • USA veterinary medicine laboratory needed for canine serum testing for the breakdown of interferon, interlude in, ect in several blood serum samples from few different K-9 donor dogs. To see what each sample has in regards to the immune system associated functions.Reverse engineering in what each
  • Government agency needs veterinary medicine laboratory that follows GLP (Good Laboratory Practice. Procedures and results must meet FDA veterinary requirements
  • Veterinary Medicine Laboratory needed for blood testing: primaquine determination in animals blood plasma
  • Los Angeles California veterinary medicine laboratory needed for animal plasma testing: primaquine levels in plasma
  • United States or Puerto Rico USDA approved veterinary medicine laboratory needed for Blood testing
  • Australian Laboratory needed for equine serum Testing to analyze exactly what growth factors are evident
  • Denmark, Germany, France, Sweden Laboratory needed for genetics Testing To establish normal karyotype of cattle for international trade
  • Animal Science laboratory needed for mouse testing: Swiss albino, BALB/c Mice & CS7b16 Mouse.
  • Laboratory needed for animal health examnation. looking to have calves that were born weighing 20-30 lbs non-viable autopsied. Needing to know if it is genetics, feed, minerals, or medication problems. We have lost 15% of our calves of this size. Almost all others are born smal
  • Central USA food laboratory needed for raw pet food testing for nutrients including amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids
  • Veterinary Laboratory needed for pet fecal testing
  • Ontario bioanalytical laboratory needed for drug residue testing in horsemeat for performance enhancing drugs, antibiotics or other meds?
  • USA or Canada food laboratory needed for ingredient testing of pet health supplement. List of claimed ingredients and 120 ml sample is available. Want to also determine if sample contains other ingredients not listed.

And many more that can be viewed at Incoming Veterinary Medicine Test Request Projects

Does your Pharmaceutical Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer , Importer or Distributor manufacture want to avoid withdrawl of their approval and want to use third-party independent labroatories for testing their veterinary capsules, tablets, sterile injections,  topicals or oral formulation drugs for safety? We can help. Call 1-855-377-6821 or Submit Laboratory Test Request 

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