Genotyping is a process usdna-1388696__340ed to obtain DNA information, specifically used to determine the  genetic variants or differences an individual has. Common genotyping methods include restriction fragment length polymorphism identification of genomic DNA, polymerase chain reaction, DNA sequencing, microarrays, and many more.

Genotyping is used in the research of genes associated with diseases but is not limited to humans, bacteria and viruses can also be genotyped, usually done to help control the spread of disease causing pathogens.

To determine a person’s genotype, a small sample of blood or saliva is acquired. The DNA in the sample is then isolated and copied multiple times. Once a large enough quantity has been obtained, it;s cut into many short pieces which are labeled and placed in a microarray for analysis. The microarray is than placed in an incubator for up to 18 hours, where the heat helps the labeled DNA bind to fragments attached to the mircoarray surface. A floursecent stain is then used to create a visible signal in a person’s genome where a variation in the genome occurs, by attaching to the labeled DNA. A laser than reads the signals which are translated into what is known as the genome profile.

Some of the previous genotype  testings Contract Laboratory has helped companies acquire include:

  • USA CLIA certified genetics laboratory needed for DNA isolation from saliva or buccal samples and genotyping panel of 17 SNPs and possible DNA banking.
  • Life Science Manufacturer needs Canada or USA Bioanalytical laboratory for HIV, HCV, HBV genotyping and sequencing
  • US FDA cGMP Food Genetics Laboratory needed for FDA BAM Testing and genotyping of Frozen fruit / using FDA protocol to detect genotype 1B
  • LONG-TERM TESTING India Genetics laboratory needed for genotyping of ACTN3 R577X and ACE I/D from human samples
  • Large research institute needs Medical Genetics laboratory needed for seedcongenic services and genotyping.
  • plus many more!

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