Geology Core Analysis

Analysis of Core Samples Source: U.S. Department of Energy, N.E.T.L.
Examination of Geology Core Analysis
Source: U.S. Department of Energy, N.E.T.L.

Contract Laboratory, Inc. works with many mining and oil corporations on Geology Core Analysis. Geotechnical and Geological Core Analysis is used for many different purposes within a few different industries such as mining, petrophysics, and water resource management.  Petrophysical applications include the study of hydrocarbon reservoirs and the rock properties such as oil/gas saturation involved in the subsurface surrounding these hydrocarbons.  Mining applications would include quality control through the stages of mining to indicate progression and productivity of the mine, as well as boundary changes of geological composition.  Water resource managers use core sample analysis to determine reservoir storage capacity within the rock and to assess potential flow capability within the rock.

Geology Core  Analysis is a non-destructive technique of drilling and sampling downhole through several feet of rock layers.  Carefully planned and mapped holes are drilled using specialty equipment such as a hollow-stem auger with diamond drill bits to allow for a core “plug” to be retrieved with rock layers intact.  A standard core sample would be a solid cylinder of rock taken from one hole, about 4-5 inches in diameter, and a single core will usually be about 30 feet long.  More than one core sample may be pulled from any single hole resulting in up to hundreds of feet in core sample for a single hole depending on the hole depth.  Core samples are then cataloged and dried in order to preserve the layers.

Some companies or research groups are interested in such things as depositional history within the subsurface rock strata.  They may also be striving to determine such things the porosity, permeability, mineralogy of the strata by retrieving stratigraphic cross-sectional views using core samples to show the advanced rock properties that provide beneficial information.

Contract Laboratory, Inc. has assisted many companies in outsourcing Geotechnical and Geological Core Analysis.  Below are examples of how we have helped oil and mining companies with their core analysis:

  • Southern California or Southern Nevada geology Laboratory needed for Rock Core Analysis for the presence of Tourmaline…
  • Canada Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for heavy oil and core analysis.
  • Geotechnical core analysis: Particle Size Dist, Moisture Content, Bulk Density, Specific Gravity of grains, Atterberg 1pt-3pt,motor vane, UU Triax, Carbonate Cont., Organic Cont., ph, Thermal Conductivity, Elec Res, X-ray, CU Triax, CD Triax, CCU Triax, CU shear, CD Shear, DS Shear, CU resonant column…
  • Environmental laboratory needed for analyses for free phase product intrinsic permeability for undisturbed soil samples using Dean Stark extraction, conventional soft core analysis for porosity, permeability and fluid saturations…
  • Geotechnical laboratory needed for limestone core analysis testing.
  • Asia, India, China Oil Laboratory, SCAL Laboratory needed for core analysis…

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