Glycemic Index Testing in Food Science Nutrition Research

Glycemic Index Testing is used to rank food containing carbohydrates based on their impact on a person’s blood sugar and insulin. Foods with a high Glycemic Index raise a person’s blood sugar more than foods with a lower GI. The scale goes from 0-100 with pure sugar being 100. This scale helps determine how fast the carbohydrates in food can turn into sugar in the body.

Glycemic Index Testing
Glycemic Index Testing

Another important factor is the glycemic load. The glycemic load is calculated by multiplying the GI value of the food by the number of carbohydrates in the food and dividing the total by 100. This helps to show the overall affect the food has, or will have, on blood sugar. The foods with a higher GI have have generally been cooked or processed more, and foods containing more fiber or fat have a lower GI. Portion size also plays a role.

Understanding how the glycemic index and glycemic load affect insulin and blood sugar is important for management of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and even heart disease.

Contract Laboratory often receives glycemic index test requests like the following:

  • Central Laboratory needed for Glycemic Index Testing for human clinical trials
  • Agrifood company needs Food laboratory for rice testing for Glycemic Index value
  • Food Science Laboratory needed for conducting Glycemic Index experiment on a food product according to a protocol for measurement of RAG, SAG, and starch fractions by an in vitro technique is described, based on the measurement by HPLC of the glucose
  • Food Laboratory needed for rice testing for Glycemic Index value. Please provide quote.
  • Food laboratory needed for Glycemic Index testing for food
  • India Food nutritional laboratory needed for rice testing: Glycemic Index test for Black husk rice
  • Clinical Laboratory needed for clinical trial testing of meal replacement bar for diabetic use with glycemic index. GI is still recognised as reference information for all people with diabetes, we would need a service as in clinical test of our MRP bar.
  • And many more – view more Food Glycemic Index Testing Laboratory Test Requests.

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