Glycolysis Research Study Testing

Today, Contract Laboratory received a Test Request from a Pharmaceutical Company needing a preclinical contract research organization for  glycolysis research study testing  as part of a  clinical trial. Glycolysis is the first step in cellular respiration, a process completed by

Glycolysis Research Study Testing
Glycolysis Research Study Testing

most living organisms, of breaking down glucose, or sugar, for cellular energy through a 10-step process. In the beginning steps, the small amount of energy produced is invested for later use. In he middle steps is where the glucose is actually splitting, and in the final steps, larger amounts of energy in the form of ATP and NADH are released.  From one molecule of glucose, the process of glycolysis produces energy in the form of 2 molecules of ATP and 2 molecules of NADH. Additionally, glycolysis is connected to the Krebs cycle which is also responsible for creating ATP.

The following are examples of Laboratory Test Requests that Contract Laboratory received from pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers regarding glycolysis research study testing:

  • USA Bioanalytical laboraatory needed for FACS study glycolysis research study involving whole blood. 1. Start with two samples and allow one to glycolyze to zero glucose level and the other to 20-30 mg/dL glucose level. 2. Spin and separate red blood cells and determine hematocrit in the concentrate. 3. Use red blood concentrate as a spiking solution to create various glucose-hematocrit concentrations. 4. From the population of RBCs in the reconstituted matrix, we want to know the number of dead and viable red blood cells.
  • USA Clinical Laboratory needed to test blood at 7 glucose levels (approximately 50, 75, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 mg/dL). Each blood level would be tested on 10 commercial blood glucose test strips used in commercially available blood glucose meters for each of 7 meters (7 levels x 10 strips x 7 meters = 490 meter tests). The blood would be collected from 4-8 healthy donors (men and women). The glucose levels would be created by spiking with glucose solution or by allowing glycolysis to lower glucose levels. A Yellow Springs Instrument reference glucose analyzer would determine the true glucose level.
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for PGRM Assay and MIC/MBC testing for mouthwash samples – Plaque Glycolysis Research Study Testing and Regrowth Model Assay and MIC/MBC.

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