How do I submit a laboratory test request?

Requesting a laboratory to perform your organization’s scientific research, analysis, product development, or other testing is quick and easy with Contract Laboratory, and can be done completely online following 5 simple steps.thanks-teacher

Once a test request has been submitted, our team will review it for validity and it will then be posted to our website where it can be seen by laboratories capable of performing testing.

Contract Laboratory receives testing requests for everything from aerospace, aviation, and aeronautical and nanotechnology to pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals.

Some of the recent test requests Contract Laboratory has received include:

  • LONG-TERM TESTING Europe bioanalytical laboratory needed for Microarray Testing
  • FDA GLP pre-clinical product safety laboratory needed to perform murine toxicity studies on biotherapeutic compound
  • Bioanalytical laboratory needed for flow cytometry for characterization of white blood cell separation filter. Need a laboratory that is capable of doing white blood cells counting. e.g: Flow cytometry counters such as ADVIA 2120 for Basophil method.
  • Pharmaceutical company needs Microbiology Laboratory for Validation of USP bioburden test to validate recovery of type organisms and test 12 samples per USP <61>
  • Advanced technology company needs Laboratory for autoclave testing  and Constrain testing on  27 samples
  • LONG-TERM TESTING Equipment manufacturer needs laboratory for swabbing and residue testing to detect presence of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, antibiotics, and/or hormones on equipment surfaces.  Looking for a reliable supplier for multiple testing requirements throughout the year.
  • and many more

To submit your own test request, call us at 1-855-377-6821 or online.

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