Immunoassays detect antibody-antign complexes
Immunoassays detect antibody-antign complexes

An immunoassay is a highly sensitive chemical test done to detect a substance in blood or other bodily fluid sample. Immunoassays have been used to track things like proteins, hormones, drugs, tumor markers, and antibodies, as well as to detect contaminants. The results of an immunoassay are achieved by measuring the formation of antibody-antigen complexes.

Immunoassays rely on the ability of the antibody to bind to the specific structure of a molecule. An antibody is a protein produced in response to an antigen, or foreign invader in the body. Antibodies bind to antigens when they encounter them in the body.

Several methods exist to perform immunoassay testing. Immunoprecipitation is the easiest method that measures the quantity of the precipitate. Another method is particle immunoassays which works by linking antibodies to a particle, the particle then binds many antigens which speeds up the visible reaction. Flourescent immunoassays utilize a flourescent label to form a flourescent product to receive more sensitive measurements. Other methods include particle immunoassays, immunophelometry, radioimmunoassay, enzyme immunoassay, and chemiluminescent.

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  • Biochemistry laboratory needed for calibration of the sensitivities of immunoassay tests. We calibrate the sensitivities of the immunoassays using calibrators. We are interested in a lab who can assay controls for us to know the quantitative value of certain analytes in the control At the moment, we are interested to assay Drug of Abuse calibrators using HPLC or Gas Chromatography method. We are also interested to assay an hCG hormone calibrator. We will provide the calibrators. HPLC/Gas chromatography testing of Drugs of Abuse controls
  • Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for HPLC testing , or Radioimmunoassay cell supernatant testing for leukotriene B4
  • Pakistan Clinical Laboratory needed for ELISA testing or any radioimmunoassay to measure serum interleukin levels in burn patient sample size of around 30
  • USA FDA GMP Molecular biology laboratory needed for hormone radioimmunoassay: 10-15 samples of mice blood for radioimmunoassay of hormone ghrelin.
  • India Clinical Veterinary Laboratory needed for performing immunoassays to test cortisol levels in deer fecal pellets.

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