OSHA Industrial Hygiene Testing

Industrial hygiene is the science relating to the health and safety of employees in the workplace. Using environmental monitoring, industrial hygienists develop new methods and practices to help mitigate potential hazards. Hygienists analyze hazards that can cause sickness or other impaired health, or that can cause significant discomfort to employees.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, relies on industrial hygienists to inspect and evaluate potential workplace hazards. OSHA is then responsible for developing and setting mandatory workplace safety requirements including how environmental and physical hazards are to be controlled. Industrial hygiene includes inspecting hazards such as: toxic chemicals, biological hazards, and physical and ergonomic stressors.

OSHA and industrial hygiene

Some of the recent test requests Contract Laboratory has received in regards to industrial hygiene include:

  • Industrial Hygiene consulting firm needs laboratory that will do analysis for propylene glycol dinitrate
  • Life Sciences Company developing medical treatments needs Industrial Hygiene Laboratory for environmental monitoring testing 1. Environmental monitoring is being performed on February 8, 9, and 10 – Sampling is performed using a viable particle counter and TSB plates – We will need to have plates picked up on each day at 15:00-16:00 – There will be approximately 50 plates for each day 2. Other contract labs we have worked with used the following method to read plates. Please specify your method of reading? – Incubate plates at 35C for 3 days – Check plates for growth or no-growth – Plates with growth will have micro-organisms identified – Plates will be held for an additional 7 days for fungus. If growth occurred, then they will be identified 3. No MRSA or VRE testing is required
  • Environmental laboratory needed to conduct analysis of methylamine and trimethylamine in ambient air samples. -Methylamine (CAS 74-89-5) -Trimethylamine (CAS 75-50-3). Can you email me the following: -IF you can do amine analysis in AMBIENT air samples?
  • India laboratory needed for testing FRP ladder break strength to be tested along with Breaking strength Weight bearing capacity Thickness
  • Environmental Laboratory needed for pesticide testing for pesticides on membrane filters – diuron & proquinazid
  • MIddle East Contract Laboratory needed for flue gas testing for Lead Oxide fumes originating from gold and silver analysis

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