Karyotyping Chromosome Analysis Used in Genetics Testing

Karyotyping Chromosome Analysis Used in Genetics Testing
Karyotyping Chromosome Analysis Used in Genetics Testing


Chromosome analysis, also called karyotyping, is a test done to examine the chromosomes in a cell sample. Examining  chromosomes in this manner helps identify any genetic causes of disease or disorder. Karyotype testing can be performed on cells or tissue such as: blood, bone marrow, amniotic fluid, and even placental tissues.

When examining the chromosomes, physical characteristics such as size, length, banding patterns, and centromere position are noted. A photograph is also taken of the arragnement of chromosomes. Some chromosomal abnormalities or issues can be identified through the number of chromosomes or their arrangement of the chromosomes.

Karyotyping is commonly performed on a child with developmental delays or other abnormal features, or on couples who have experienced multiple miscarriages, to determine if there is a genetic issue at play. Additionally, microarray testing and flourescent in situ hybridisation (FISH) testing may also be performed.

Contract Laboratory has received many requests from organizations needing laboratories to perform their chromosomal analyis and karyotype testing and research, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical company needs genetics laboratory for Karyotyping and chromosomal painting
  • University Medical Researcher needs Canada cytology laboratory for cell karyotype testing for research purposes
  • San Diego California Blood Laboratory needed for blood testing: Peripheral blood Karyotype molecular
  •  Europe Biotech needs FDA GMP Genetics Laboratory for Karyotype analysis in GMP with a validate method
  • Denmark, Germany, France, Sweden Veterinary Medicine Laboratory needed for genetics Testing To establish normal karyotype of cattle for international trade
  • Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturer needs USA FDA GLP/ GMP bioanalytical laboratory for GLP / GMP genetics testing: karyotyping canine cells for sex
  • California Medical Laboratory needed for Karyotype testing for analysis r/t infertility / chronic miscarriage
  • Canada Genetics Laboratory needed for DNA fingerprinting, karyotyping, and relationships of DNA, RNA, Adenosine Triphosphate, mitochondria, and creatinine to hereditary dominant, dominant recessive, and recessive degenerative disorders of the nervous system including muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and Huntington’s Disease.

And many more. To se other examples of how Contract Laboratory has helped medical researchers , halthcare providers and  pharmacutical, biotechnology  and healthcare companies with their karyotyping and other Genetics Testing and Scientific Research Projects  View Genetics Test Requests

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