LED Lighting Testing

LED Lighting Testing

According to Maria Nadal in a US Government The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) article entitled “Following a New MAP for Solid-State Lighting,”  “new LED products only stay on the market for about 12 months, and the technology keeps changing”. LED, or light-emitting diode, is a semiconductor diode that emits light when conducting current and is used in electronic equipment, especially for displaying readings on digital watches, calculators, etc. With frequent changes in the technology for LED Lighting, there is an increase in development of new LED lighting products . Along with the increase in development of new products comes the inevitable need for more testing, inspections, evaluation and certification of these products.

LED Lighting
LED Lighting

To help manufacturers and labs in testing these products, NIST is offering lamp artifacts through its SSL Measurement Assurance Program (MAP-2). These lamp artifacts are precisely characterized for manufacturers and labs to test against.

Contract Laboratory, Inc. has helped Light manufacturers and suppliers in finding laboratories for their light testing. Some examples of how Contract Laboratory, Inc. assisted manufacturers and distributors with outsourcing their scientific research, evaluations, inspections, testing and certifications include:

  • Security Lighting company needed electrical laboratory for testing of product to 810F standards of HAND HELD FLASH LIGHT / SEARCH LIGHT / TORCH LIGHT tested to MIL 810-F standards.
  • Electrical Laboratory needed for light testing: testing of product to 810F standards of HAND HELD FLASH LIGHT / SEARCH LIGHT / TORCH LIGHT tested to MIL 810-F standards.
  • East Coast Automotive Laboratory needed for automobile headlight testing: headlamps for automobiles and we are having marks show up on the plastic lenses when they come out of the machines.
  • Electrical Laboratory needed for Optical testing based on EN12966 Testing luminance and contrast of emitted light (using LEDs) within certain beam widths to determine gaps as compared to EN12966 specifications. EN12966 is an European Traffic display standard.
  • IEC Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing of Electronic Igniter for HID lamps
  • California FDA medical device laboratory needed for FDA certification testing of illuminating device used in sports type scopes. Need to certify if it’s a LED device or class 1 laser as light source

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