Ligand Binding Assays (LBAs)

Ligand Binding Assays (LBAs)

Ligand binding assays
Ligand binding assays used to quantify biomarkers and anti-drug antibodies.

Ligand binding assays is an analytical procedure commonly used for large molecules, that relies on ligand molecules binding to macromolecule receptors. LBAs are used to quantify biomarkers and anti-drug antibodies. This type of testing is used to determine the presence of target molecules known to bind to receptors.

These large molecules are commonly referred to as “biologics” because they come from endogenous biological molecules, though they are usually manipulated so the body no longer recognizes them. Generally, chromatographic methods can be used to study biologics, but in the case of these large molecule and the fact they are hydrophilic, ligand binding assays were developed.

The use of ligand binding assays is popular in pharmacology in order to create new pharmaceutical drugs and other biotherapeutics. One of the key benefits of ligand binding assays is that it provides information regarding the interactions that occur between two molecules.

In general, ligand binding assays work by using a ligand, most likely an antibody, with a specific affinity for the molecule of interest, to capture the target molecule. Capturing the target molecule can be done many different ways by attaching signaling tools to the antibody. Common LBAs include:

  • enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA)
  • time-resolved fluorescence assays
  • electrochemiluminescence assays

Looking for a laboratory to perform ligand binding assays?

Contract Laboratory has helped many organizations find laboratories for their biologics testing, including ligand binding assays. Below are just some of the requests we facilitate:

  • Europe bioanalytical laboratory needed for physiochemical testing of biologics: pH, Osmolality, appearance, LC based Bioassays: ligand binding and cell based
  • University Researcher needs In-silico analysis to screen organic compound (ligands) and finds that certain organic compounds may binds in the pocket of MHC Class II molecule (receptor) that ca
  • n show the binding of screened organic compound with MHC class II molecule. We want to order following test: 1. Peptide loading or Release of soluble HLA-DR Molecules. 2. Peptide loading of Cell Surface MHC Molecules. 3. FACS Analysis of Empty MHC Class II Molecules on Dendritic Cells 4. T Cell Assay 5. Transfection and site directed Mutagenesis of HLA-DR
  • UK, Ireland or Europe pharmaceuticals contract research organization needed for Protein Ligand Complex evaluation of pKa. Use of spectrofluorimetry or other suitable method to determine the pKa of human serum albumin complexed with rutin (a flavanoid related to quercetin)
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for chemical analysis of organic compounds: FTIR, NMR, GC-MS,UV-SCANNING, AAS analysis on 11 samples. These sample are organic compounds (ligands) and their complexes.
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