National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month

“Put Your Best Fork Forward” even small changes in food choices can have positive, lasting effects over time.

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? The intent of National Nutrition Month is to educate and inform consumers of the importance of making healthy and informed food choices as well as developing good physical activity habits.

The 2017 theme for National Nutrition Month is, “Put Your Best Fork Forward”. The idea being to remind people to make each bit count, even small changes in the choices of foods we eat can have positive, lasting effects over time. If these changes are implemented “one forkful at a time” they will help instill healthy eating habits in all.

Food testing ensures food quality and safety as well as contaminants, allergens, and more.

Contract Laboratory has helped many companies acquire food testing for quality and safety such as microbiology testing for pathogens, nutrition analysis, allergen detection, and much more in addition to ensuring products meet national and international food regulations.

Need help finding a food laboratory?

Below are a few of the many test requests Contract Laboratory has receives for food testing:

  • Food Laboratory needed for liqueur product development and analytic chemistry testing / analyis for the amount of each ingredient including: 1. Cream 2. Sugar 3. Alcohol 4. Maltodextrin 5. Glycerol Monostearate 6. Sodium Citrate
  • Food Laboratory needed for analytic chemistry osmolality testing of a sports beverage.
  • Food microbiology laboratory needed for FDA / BAM quality control release testing of rice flour. Bacillus Cereus FDA Bam <100/Gram Clostridium Perfringes FDA Bam <10/Gram Clostridium Botulinum FDA Bam <3 CFU/Gram
  • Food microbiology laboratory needed for viral testing of produce and water for norovirus and hepatitis A per ISO 17025.
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ingredient testing of a beverage for the presence of artificial colorant additives.
  • Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for dairy testing: silver ion thin layer chromatography testing followed by GC/MS testing of a milk sample to quantify total fatty acid content including CLA (C18:2), two major isomers (c9, t11 and c10, t12), and omega fatty acid ratio (6:3).
  • plus many more that can be seen on our website!

Contract Laboratory would love to help your organization find the right laboratory to perform your testing. To submit a food related test request, call us at 1-855-377-6821, or submit a request on our website.

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