New FDA Seafood Consumption Advice Shows Importance for Seafood Testing

Ensure Seafood Safety

Seafood Safety Testing
FDA Seafood Safety Testing

From succulent shrimp cocktail, steamed maine lobster, baked oyster rockefeller to poached salmon, seafood is recommended for healthy eating and cooking. However, it can contain harmful substances like heavy metals. Today, the US Food and Drug Administration FDA & US Environmental Protection Agency EPA issued final fish consumption advice. This new FDA seafood consumption advice shows the importance for seafood testing. The EPA and FDA advice includes a chart that makes it easier  to choose from dozens of healthy and safe seafood options. routinely helps restaurants, fisheries, and food manufacturers with their seafood safety testing. Below are some examples of projects in which helped with seafood testing:

  • Food laboratory needed for seafood testing for biogenic amines
  • Food laboratory needed for various seafood testing: Heavy Metal and chemical testing of Chinese Sauce with following ingredients (Dried Shrimp, Dried Scallop and Dried Jewfish) with specific request of detection limit, please send us the information (Quotation, TAT, detection limit, sample size, Standard, testing method, etc.) Dried Shrimp i. Mercury: < 0.5ppm Dried Scallop i. Mercury: < 0.5ppm ii. Paralytic Shellfish Poison (PSP) < 80 µg/100 g iii. Amnesic Shellfish Poison (ASP) < 20 µg/g iv. Diarrhetic Shellfish Poison (DSP) < 0.2 µg /g Dried Jewfish i. Mercury ii. Histamine < 20 mg / 100 g
  • URGENT USA FDA GMP Compliant Food Laboratory needed for FDA seafood testing for full reporting package for FDA, not just a one page Certificate of Analysis.
  • Independent food testing laboratory needed for cadmium testing services of imported shellfish, fresh live oysters from Canada to Hong Kong for import clearance by Canadian Health Certificate by CFIA needed for HK importation even though we have spoken to the local HK health department
  • Canada Food Laboratory needed for seafood Testing of two seafood products one is Lightly Salted Matjes Herring Fillets in Oil which come in a plastic pouch and the other is a bottled product that is marinated in vinegar. Both are small sizes 250 g I believe. And both are refrigerated. Please provide me a breakdown for the testing we require as well as the quantities that would e required for each test. 1) water activity, 2) PH Level, 3) Histamines, 4) Microbiological testing including, Salmonella app., Staph. aureus, L. mono. and E. coli. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
  • USA Food laboratory needed for seafood testing: PDCAAS protein test to get the % DV for protein for seafood
  • East Coast USA Food Laboratory needed for shelf-life testing of frozen seafood after thawing.
  • Analytical Chemistry Food Laboratory needed for Hydrocarbons testing on frozen seafood, to trace whether product has been treated with carbon monoxide or tasteless wood smoke.
  • Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test cocentrations of phenolic compounds in smoked seafood
  • Seafood Manufacturer needs Food Analytical chemistry testing laboratory for testing an unknown substance on salmon. We are having an unknown material show up on our salmon line. Recently pieces of salmon go through a grill marker and come out with pieces of an unknown black material which then set off the metal detector. We would like an analysis of the black material to find out what is in it, specifically if there are any hard metals in it. The grill marker is made of rings of stainless steel which are heated to glowing red and then they sear grill lines into the frozen salmon portions.
Seafood Testing
Seafood Testing


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