NEW TESTING STANDARD: ASTM D7996 for Measuring Asphaltenes in Oils

Is your laboratory in need of asphaltene testing?

According to ASTM, a new standard will be released to detect Asphaltene contaminants in petroleum. This ASTM Standard will be  ASTM D7996, Test Method for Measuring Visible Spectrum of Asphaltenes in Heavy Fuel Oils and Crude Oils by Spectroscopy in a Microfluidic Platform. has helped many Oil and Petroleum companies with Asphaltene Contaminant Testing and other contaminant testing. Below are some examples on how has helped with Asphalatene ContaminantTesting

  • Large engineering company needs middle eastern laboratories that can determine the effectiveness of proposed asphaltene inhibitor chemicals at specified operating conditions using well samples and other well chemicals
  • Great Britain, Holland and Netherlands Oil Laboratory needed capable to do any or all of those tests, please let me know time and pricing for each test. API gravity D5002, D2598, D4052, D1298; – Asphaltene D6560,
  • Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing for Paraffin, Asphaltene, API etc.
  • Analytical Chemistry lab needed for Testing
  • Middle East oil laboratory for confirmatory testing of heavy oil. Below are our initial findings. At the moment the well is producing by diluent injection and jet pump. Native heavy crude close to 10°API, pour point 62
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: complex analysis of crude oil samples, such as distillations, total sulfur, mercaptan, GC hydrocarbons, naphtalene, nitrogen, flash point, asphaltene, density
  • Oil Laboratory needed for International Petroleum Test Method testing: 5 samples HH60,HH100, HH200, HH300 and HH500 tested to IP 346, Determination of polycyclic aromatics in unused lubricating base oils and asphaltene
  • USA, Europe, UAE or Singapore Oil Laboratory needed for Heavy Fuel Oil Testing to check any adulteration along with testing for follwing prameters; (1) Strong acid number (mgKOH/gm), (2) Ash (wt%), (3)Gross Calorific Va

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