Next Generation Sequencing NGS

Next Generation Sequencing allows researchers to study biological systems at a new level.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a new DNA sequencing technology that has completely changed the way genomic research is done by allowing researchers to study biological systems at a new level, cheaper and faster than previous methods.

With NGS came the ability for researchers to sequence the entire human genome in a day whereas previous sequencing techniques required more than a decade to sequence the human genome.

Some of the advantages of Next Generation Sequencing include:

  • being able to rapidly sequence genomes
  • focus on specific regions in a sequence
  • study diversity
  • analyze types of protein interactions

Contract Laboratory has helped many companies and organizations with the outsourcing of their  DNA and Next Generation Sequencing from organizations like the following:

  • URGENT Research Scientist needs genetics laboratory for SNP studies, DNa isolation , PCR amplification and sequencing studies for FADS gene polymorphism in diabetes. 200 samples
  • Genetics Laboratory needed for sequencing SLC22A12 gene either by individual gene sequencing or NGS panel including the SLC22A12 gene.
  • Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Product development work for molecular biology (PCR, library prep, DNA sequencing on Illumina platform). We need help with verification testing using a molecular laboratory. Must follow protocols and generate data for reports to be submitted to FDA as part of design control.
  • LONG-TERM TESTING: Genetics laboratory needed for Genomics sequencing and metabolomics by Real-Time PCR Analysis. 200 samples
  • USA genetics laboratory needed for Genetic Sequencing for Illumina testing- pediatric inherited disease panel and autism panel


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