Non-destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is a group of analytical techniques to determine properties of a material.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a group of analytical techniques the technology industry uses to understand, evaluate, and determine properties of a material in an effort to assure that both structural and mechanical parts function safely and effectively. NDT is evaluates a product, troubleshoots existing issues, and helps with research.

One of the benefits of NDT is that materials can be tested and inspected without destroying the integrity of the material meaning that when testing is completed, the material is still usable. NDT techniques are often used in manufacturing and fabrication to ensure a material or product’s reliability and integrity. Common types of NDT techniques include: visual and optical testing, radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle testing, and more.

Looking for a laboratory to help with your non-destructive testing?

NDT is common in fields such as: mechanical engineering, electrical, aeronautical, medical imaging, and more. Contract Laboratory has helped many companies and organizations find laboratories to perform their non-destructive testing, such as the following:

  • Polymer laboratory needed for nondestructive NDT Testing: heat resistance testing of an acrylic lens according to IWA MIL-PRF-5425. Also, need physical properties such as elongation, tensile strength testing of O-rings made out of 51+/-5 durometer EP rubber compounds according to E5001B, E1100-50, EA454-50 or chemically equivalent.
  • Health company needs materials laboratory needed for non-destructive NDT optical testing including surface roughness analysis of non-flat surface.
  • Non-Destructive NDT Laboratory needed for failure analysis of a failed CW pump bolts. We require doing the following
  • testing: Digital photography, Visual examination, Physical measurements, Corrosion examination (Corrosion deposits), Fractographic examination, Metallographic examination (Microhardness, microstructure characterization), Mechanical properties (Tensile and chemical analysis)
  • UAE non-destructive laboratory needed for NDT testing of stainless steel piping, welding joints 75 pipe size 1″, 2″, 3″ 25 joints in each size Material A312 TP316/316L
  • Physical Laboratory needed for Non-Destructive, NDT Testing, eddy current testing of stainless steel castings
  • ASTM Non Destructive Laboratory required for NDT-Dye pentration/mag particle 8″ steel fittings and 1″ flanges
  • NDT Mechanical lab needed for ASTM testing to aerospace specs including hardness testing; flourescent penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection; surface temper etch inspection; conductivity testing
  • and many more here

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